Statins and diabetes

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    My Dr. just diagnosed me as having Diabetes Mellitus Type II. He also prescribed statins for my cholesterol. My muscles are aching in my chest, arms and legs to the point I look like I am spasing out.What is it with the M.D's and statins?
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    John, I gather you are taking the statins....I've posted many comments on statins, cholesterol mythe articles and homocysteine.....what is with MD's,,,,that is what the conventional MD's do, write scripts, etc.

    Type II can be controlled without drugs and do check out the cholesterol mythe comments out there.....WE need to take control of our health and
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    One of the Administrative law judges that I work with, a very smart Prinston Grad, says exactly the same thing as jaminhealth. Myths Myths Myths about the cholesterol lowering statins. They do lower the Ch, but the side effects are hell. Also, lower ch does not effect heart disease they way the pharmacy companies and MD'S say it does. I know for a fact of several people dying of liver disease due to these fricken drugs.
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    I agree, it is bull. I have read that the cholesterol in fact has little effect on heart disease. These statins are a money grabbers dream.
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    Jam is right, most MDs just seem to hand out scripts. Maybe part of it is they are tired of lecturing patients about diet and exercise? Although many doctors just do not seem very knowledgable about diet and nutrition, or the horrific "side" (actual) effects of drugs like statins.

    I strongly urge you to see an integrative medicine doctor who can help you get your diabetes under control with diet and exercise and supplements and get you off those horrible statins - those muscle aches you have are due in part to the fact that statins deplete the body of CoQ10. They are causing muscle damages. There are alternatives that don't damage your body.

    We have to educate ourselves, cannot at all rely on regular doctors to help us maintain our health. And so many illnesses today are due to our own neglect, not eating right etc. The good news is for many people it's possible to regain good health if they do the right things.

    If you go to, it has a search feature at the top of the page under "health resources" where you can find integrative medicine doctors in your area. They are generally much more knowledgable about diet and supplements and natural remedies than regular docs, but they are MDs too.

    Good luck!

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    Yes, WAS taking the statins. Now trying the diet and exercise regimen.
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    I know I continue to slam pharma but I can't help it....I truly believe so many medical schools are also funded by pharma....true I'm sure one or so could save a life, BUT.................there are so many alternative therapies that can help us....

    Look at the homocysteine info. jam
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