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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pearls, Feb 1, 2003.

  1. pearls

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    In several recent posts, I have wondered about surgery and FMS/CFS. Does anyone know if there are any studies to verify the incidence of FMS or CFS onset after surgery? I wonder if printed statistics might give a certain percentage success in surgeries for a given health problem, but miss onsets of FMS or CFS as immaterial to the statistics?

    -Curious Pearl
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    I bagan having my symptoms days after my c-section 4 1/2 mos ago. Very strage I went in very healthy now my health has gone to s#!t!! I am VERY curious about this.
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    It is funny you should bring this up I have also always wondered your very question.I had my third child along with a tubal the next day in feb 01 and about 3mo later have had problems ever since.I have gone from test to test with no answers other than fibromyalgia.You would think there has to be a cause out there somewhere.
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    What kind of tests did you test positive for ?
    ANA? Epstein Barr? just curious...Thanks
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    1) MY question is about people ALREADY DIAGNOSED WITH fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue having surgery. I believe it is already ESTABLISHED in the medical community (or at least among those who have accepted FMS and CHS as medical problems) that surgery is one of several things that seem to bring on FMS or CHS. The three things that keep coming up in the literature I've read are surgery, accidents, and infection with viruses or bacteria.

    Mine started with a sinus infection, though I had intermittent problems for at least several years that I think may have been at least a precursor to fibromyalgia - fibromyalgia-LIKE symptoms.

    2) Somebody asked what tests I have had that came out positive. I've not been positive for anything except sleep apnea and carpal tunnel syndrome (all night test for the former and shocks and pins for the latter). I was not tested for Epstein-Barr to my knowledge. I've read that so many people have Epstein-Barr antibodies in their blood these days that it is irrelevant.

    Oh, I forgot... when I had my gastrointestinal tests, the doctor found a hiatal hernia and several polyps, at least one of which was biopsied. Anyway, he said these could not possibly cause the symptoms I was describing at the time. That was before my diagnosis initally with chronic fatigue syndrome and eventually with fibromyalgia.


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    I am having a needle biposy on my breast this Tues and discussed what happens after surgery with my Rheumy and he said surgery can make you go into a flare and I would possibly have a longer recovery time. I have had 3 cysts removed in the last 10 years, the first 2 in late 80"s the other one was 3 years ago which is about the time my problems started and if took me longer to get over the tiredness. I hope the needle biopsy is negative and I won't have to go thru that ordel again.
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    Before you have the surgery, download, "Guidance for Fibromyalgia Patients Who Are Having Elective Surgery," from the Oregon Fibromyalgia Foundation. It is archived on our own ImmuneSupport site. It has six tips that can help you cope with uit. For example, #4, "Ask to have a long-acting local anesthetic infiltrated into your incision - even though you will be asleep during the procedure. The rationale for this is to minimize pain impluses reaching your spinal cord and brain, which in turn drive central sensitization." You'll want to read the rest.

    Good luck,