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  1. jaime13

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    I stay at home because I have too. due to the pain of fibro. You would think my house would be clean with dinner cooked, but most days I can barely get out off bed-and witht he flares I'm scared to drive-a lot. I feel very lonely and the kids run wild.-BRATS. Most of the time, you would think they would help out but they just make more of a mess.My husband works 24 hrs. a day so the internet is mt best friend. This sydrome sucks. I can't even make plans for myself because I don't know what kind of day i'll be having. I'm sure lots of you feel this.W hat a way to live a life.
  2. discoverygal

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    Oh jaime I am so sorry for what this illness is. It sucks so bad. I am so afraid of how it may affect me in the future.

    Do you have family nearby who can help? How old are your kids? Most of the time kids are self centered and don't know that helping is the right thing to do. Is your husband understanding?

    Do you see a doc on a regular basis? Can he help you with a better quality of life with meds or something?

    I hope something or someone can help you.
  3. suzannekart

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    Hello, I just wanted to tell you I am sorry you are having such a hard time.

    I am very lonely. I just got fed up with never knowing how I was going to feel so it was hard to make plans.

    I live with my husband and 20 year old daughter. They don't do much to really help. After all they have lives! So many times I just wish I could be in a clean house. I feel like I have lost all control. But, I guess we can be grateful for this site.

    I will be thinking of you and really hope you can feel better than you do today!!


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