Stay Strong, Help Your Family Live Long

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    One of the best tasks to combine physical activity with is family time. Keeping your family fit will not only help you live longer, but your family as well. Physical activity is important, regardless of age, gender or weight. This time together can also be very beneficial for bonding as a family and becoming closer.
    It is very important for parents to model a healthy lifestyle for their children. Research indicates that social support from the family positively impacts the amount of physical activity done. Many times the “family bonding” activity includes a television or computer. Replacing a family’s inactivity with activity has many health benefits.
    The 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommend children to get 60 minutes or more of daily physical exercise. This includes moderate to vigorous intensity exercises, muscle-strengthening and bone-strengthening exercises.Keeping your family fit does not have to require an expensive gym membership. Many inexpensive activities can be done outside or inside that keeps your family moving. It is important as a parent to emphasize having fun, not necessarily working out. This will keep the children engaged and wanted to participate. The activity doesn’t have to be something extremely strenuous and difficult, especially when starting out. It can be as simple as walking or playing in a park.