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    Just got off the phone with the nurse from my employers STD provider. She was a real B*&^H. Mispronouced Fm like she had never heard of it before. Asked if I used assistance for walking, nope, asked about brain fog and how long I have had these problems. Said oh three years, but has been made increasingly worse by the medications given to keep major flares at bay. Then, asked if I had something better to do (keep in mind I am at work and should not be here I am flaring), said Mam- I am dizzy and sick to my stomach, sorry if I am not entertaining. She advised my file should reach the adjusters desk sometime next week. Oh let me add I have a torn ligament in my back and she asked me how I injured myself, said I have no idea..She said, so you have no idea huh? Yep, I am in so much pain I did not even notive I had shredded the ligament in my lower back. Ashame isn't it? She then asked for my doc's telephone number.. I hesitated as I had to look it up in my book as I write everything down because I do not remember a DAMN thing. Gave her the info then parted ways...

    Can you believe all the research into FM and we are still being treated like this? Sorry so long!!!!
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    I know exactly what you went through. It happened to me too. Except I got a bunch of crap for being only 25. She acted like she didn't believe me in the first place and then when we talked about my age, she became very condescending and rude!!! She said that there is basically no way that I would get Disability due to how young I am and because I finished high school!!!! Can you believe that???!!!! If you want, you can always complain to whoever is above her because of her unprofessional behavior. Good luck hon!!!

    Lots of Love,
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    Now why would someone want to advertise that they had STD.hehehahahehehahahehehahahehaheh.Should of known better.
    Well at least I got to have a good laugh today.
    Sorry that you had such a bad experience):.The madder you get at people like that,makes everything sooooo much harder to deal with.
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    The other dreaded STD...LOL THanks for the laugh...I cried so much earlier I am hoarse...AAAAHHHHHH
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    I hope you documented your conversation with the woman.

    I have to not say that not everyone who works at an insurance company is a bad person. Have I run into a good one? Maybe. I do know that I seem to have a new "analyst" every 6-12 months and wonder how much turnover is due to people quitting in disgust....
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    that's all you would need, eh?

    For them to think you are a s___ as well as a whiner and layabout...

    I know how you feel having a person talk to you that way. It's very hurtful.

    I don't know how long it's going to take to get the word out. We really really need television commercials...would really make a huge difference.

    Fellow whiner and layabout, aka "there's nothing really wrong with her, it's all in her head"

    Jen F
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    hi these people are just plain stupid they want to make us angry because then maybe we will give up But dont. Just bite your tongue and just answer questions would you be interested in writing a letter about your fibro? I am in a group called Fmily they are sending a bunch of letters to washington so we can be recognized as disease not a syndrome please email me there i dont come on boards that often
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    My "nurse case manager" is anything but polite. She never returns my phone calls, is rude and condescending to me. She actually asked me if I had been out shopping all day when I was first out. I told her that I spent most of the day lying down becaue I became too fatigued when I sat up. At least she never asked me that again.

    I recently refinanced my mortgage so I could save some money on my payments. This woman did not return my calls or the calls from the mortgage company. In fact one day I decided I was going to call her every hour I was awake. I called once and got her voice mail. I left a message saying that it was urgent that I spoke with her that day. The next time I called I got a diferent message on her voice mail, "I'm out of the office for the rest of the day."

    That was July 3 and she obviously left at noon and was gone the entire next week. That was how I was finally able to get some information for my mortgage company. I asked for someone else to help me and actually found a real human being that works there. I figure she won't last long!!

    I think it must be part of the criteria for hiring that they are grumpy and rude. LOL

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    That's a shame what happened to you lelehpr. Unless we get this disease to the world, it will continue to be treated this way. dolsgirl
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    They are sooo mean. I'd call the ins commissioner and maybe tell them your recording their calls. I think only doing it in writing is a great idea. What state are you in?
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    but I haven't a clue what STD stands for or LTD either. I assume from context that it is a case worker of some kind who reviews disability claims, but would someone please post a definition? thanks ( hope this doesn't make me sound too stupid....)

    I also think that most governmental officials are hired for their sour personalities. I HATE being talked down to like that. I assume that everyone else does too. If someone were to talk to those people like that they wouldn't like it any better than we do.

    hugs from Cat

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    STD is Short Term Disability and LTD is Long Term Disability. These are offered by some employers. I did have both. Here is what happened to me while I collected STD.

    The case worker was male, and called almost everyday. He was a smart ass. He often told me that I should not go lay down when I feel bad. He said I should go jogging or exercise instead. I had to ask him if that is what he did when he was in pain and had a headache he could not tolerate any longer. He also told me that just because I am getting STD payments does not mean that I will get long term. He stated that I do not qualify for Long Term Disability. The last STD check I received was May 1, 2003. My case is still in review for LTD. They told me I must file for SSD or benefits would not be paid. So I filed for SSD. Both are in review. I think that the LTD insurance is just waiting on SSD to decide first. This is so frustrating. I really do need my checks to help pay the medical expenses I now have.
    Good luck.

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    Not sure if it is legal to record phone calls in out state, but the idea of everything in writing sounds good to me.
  14. LeLeHpr

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    After this post yesterday and crying for what seemed like an eternity, I went and advised my employer of the STD nurse from Prud'd behavior. He advised he would look into what is taking them so long and figure out where we are in the process and get back with me.

    So any prayers would be greatly appreciated :p