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    At present, the CCID website mainly provides information on STEALTH VIRUSES cultured from patients with a wide spectrum of dysfunctional brain syndromes. These illnesses include chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, Gulf War Syndrome, depression and dementia in adults and autism, attention deficit and behavioral disorders in children. Stealth viral infection can also cause severe encephalopathy.

    A brief overall summary of stealth viruses, their definition, pathogenesis, and possible treatments for it can be read here. A very in-depth explanation of stealth viruses and its associations with other illnesses, which appeared in a medical journal called Explore, can also be read here. More detailed information on the stealth virus can be read in the pages contained on this website.

    Physicians and scientists interested in collaborative research studies should review the publications and directly contact CCID at (626) 572-7288. A limited number of stealth viral cultures can be performed for research. Physicians wishing to participate in a reserach study should contact CCID for additional details.

    Patients may gain interesting insights into their illness by reviewing the Virus Primer and Clinical Summaries, as well as some of the publications or presentations.

    Hope on the Horizon: Stealth virus research has shown that chemokines are probably involved in the replicative process of stealth viruses and a number of pharmacological agents, including many herbal medicines, are known to effect chemokine production. Therefore, various combinations of these agents or protocols need to be explored to assess their ability to suppress stealth virus replication.

    To that end, Dr. John Martin and Dr. Donovan Anderson are in the process of defining various possible treatment protocols. Information on any protocols as they are defined are not intended to be medical advice but rather, for the information of clinicians. Any treatment using any of the proposed protocols must be done under the supervision of the patient's doctor in coordination with the CCID.

    A complete list of these chemokine modulating agents can be found on the Therapy page.

    If you have tested positive for the stealth virus, this Lab Report explains what it means.

    Dr. George M. Lewis has now joined Dr. Martin in researching and treating stealth virus infections. Dr. Lewis, has seen real success in treating many of the patients he has seen and he has written a book called "Reawakening: Reclaining Your Mind, Body and Soul from Chronic Fatigue and the Stealth Virus" which gives some examples of the successes that many patients have experienced from following the treatment protocol. Dr. Lewis has now started a new section on this website called Clinician's Corner where readers can read about some of these success stories. Donors wishing to assist with these efforts should refer to the Funding Page.

    Also included in the Web Site is a discussion of live vial vaccines as a probable source of animal virus-related stealth viruses. The Web Site also address recent developments in SV40 (a known past polio vaccine contaminant), Parvovirus B19, and HHV-6. The CCID Web Site includes brief sections on HIV, HCV and Prion mediated diseases.

    Physicians, researchers, patients and Foundations wishing to assist in our Mission are asked to contact the Center through its e-mail address
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    hi bubblegum, can you tell me where I can get Dr Lewis's book. Thanks Danisue
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    If you do a search for Center for Complex Infectious Diseases and/or Dr. Martin you will be guided to the spot where I found this info. Good luck and let me know if you have any problems finding it. You can email me if you wish. My addy is on my profile.