Steriod injections?

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    I had a MRI and CT with clear results. My EMG showed I have radiculopathy. Well I went back to my doctor in worse pain. Well at least he did believe me...thank goodness. He wants to send me to a neurosurgon for injections for swelling and to block pain. He believes I have pinched nerves that didn't show on the MRI.

    Has anyone had these injections before? Is this what you get from a pain clinic. He's also saying if we can't get me back down to my previous pain level he might want me to think about a pain doctor. He said we'd discuss that after the other is take care of to see what the out come is. So right now he will continue to take care of the extra pain.

    I hate steroids. Have they helped anyone else?

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    I have had some steroid injections at a Pain Clinic in Kansas City in Dec-Jan. I had to go three different times and I had them put in my neck/upper back. The first one he just stuck it in and gave me the injection. The second and third time he had it under a machine (can't remember what they called it) that was like an X-Ray that showed the movements! Anyway they did nothing for me. My DO Doc gives me some shots of (can't remember what this is called either) steroids,if I am having muscle spasms, and they help a lot. I think it is worth a try for me it just did not help. I have not turned down hardly anything if it was a chance to get some relief. Good Luck and hope you make it alright.

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    I agree about trying just about anything. My pain level has increased over the last few months. Toward the begining of my treatment with my doctor I told him I would not take steriods, now I am going to try. I guess it just goes to show if I'm at that point of desperation I will try anthing.