steriods for a fibro flare?

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    I am having a major fibro flare and I am taking the max amount of medication for it. Lyrica 600mg/day (lyrica was my miracle drug when I first tried it), cymbalta 90mg/day, fentanyl patch 25mcg, tramadol, oxycodone, and now flexeril. i take enough medication per day that would put a normal person in a coma and I'm not proud of it.

    Now, on top of all the meds I take, my doctor put me on prednisone. I've never heard of taking a steroid for a fibro flare. I wonder if my doc is just giving me meds to shut me up. The "drug you up to shut you up " theory. Prednisone has a long list of side effects and I don't want to take it unless it has a possibility of helping. I haven't started taking it, I need your advice.

    I decided it's time to see a rheumatologist that specialized in fibro, but in the mean time your advice is greately appreciated.

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    My flares consist of excruciating back and body pain, headaches and major fatigue. The pain and fatigue are so bad that I have no energy to even get out of my chair. Every morning I get up I am so tired that I feel like I have to go back to bed. It's absolutely debilitating, I'm wasting my life away because I'm so tired and hurt all the time. I have a hard time going anywhere because I am so sluggish.

    This flare happened after I went to a show and sat for 2 hours! Thats it! I never feel especially well but I was having a good week and then I went to this play and the next morning I woke up in severe pain And it's gotten worse daily since then.

    My symptoms are, severe pain and fatigue, headaches, lethargy, excessive sweating, nausea, lack of appetite, and irritible bowel syndrome. I'm sure alot of the paople on this site understand how debilitating this is. I'm only 34 and I had to put my job on hold, I have neighbors walk my dog for me, and the state provides a health worker to come to my home to clean, do laundry, and go grocery shopping for me. I hate the fact that I need these services but I thank God that I have them. I thank God when I'm having a good day and I get out of my chair and enjoy it, but good days are a double edged sword, If I'm having a good day I tend to over do it and the next day I wake up in pain.

    I was talking to a nurse in my doctors office yesterday and I was telling her about my symptoms and she said, "that must be hard, i don't have fibromyalgia and I've never felt pain like that" and I realized that in my mind I thought that everyone dealt with this, i thought that everyone wakes up in the morning and are so exhausted that they have to go back to bed and had to clear their calendars indefinitely until they are lucky to have a remission from the symptoms.

    I don't know anyone else with fibro and have never talked to someone about it so I'm happy to be able to be in this chatroom.
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    Tigerlily-you described me to a "T" also. Food-weather blinking my eyes seems to flare me any more.

    So sorry to hear you are so young dealing with this. My niece is 32 and now has fibro.

    wishing for a good day for all
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    On the other board where you posted it.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hey Mikie, I can't remember where else I posted this question so can you copy it and put it here?


    I decided to take the prednisone because I'm willing to try anything right now. I hate the side effects of prednisone but who knows, maybe it will work.
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    On your name, you can bring up all your posts. I can't remember either where it was posted. I'm in a major flare right now so my brain isn't working well.

    Love, Mikie
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    I went to the doctor (actually the Physician assistant) 3 weeks ago and I was very sick. I was very lathargic and was sweating profusely yet freezing. It was 80 degrees out and I was bundled up in sweats. Anyway, the doc had me get stat blood tests I think a CBC and a metabolic panel but nothing to see if I have inflammation. It just seems that once you mention fibro to a doc, they don't check anything, they just "drug you up to shut you up".

    I have seen a pain doc who ordered warm water physical therapy which did help but that was in California (I live in Colorado now and don't know if they offer the same services). I saw a pain doc here in CO but he ordered an MRI and he was mad at me that I "wasted taxpayers dollars to get these tests done" when I wasn't the one that ordered the tests, HE WAS! So I just had my primary care doc prescribe my meds while I'm getting my medicaid in order because I wasn't about to go back and see that (removed by moderator)

    I have seen pain doctors, had surguries on my achilles tendons because I have problems with my feet, I have done physical therapy, and I have even seen a rheumatologist but I had a really crappy HMO. I haven't seen any specialists since I was dx'd back in 2000 when they didn't know anything about fibro but I am looking forward to seeing a specialist and see what new things they have come up with to treat fibro because I can't live this way!

    Can you fill me in on what kind of doc I should see and what new therapies the doc might suggest. Can you tell me what you have tried and what has helped?

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    sounds like your doctor is trying to help you. I doubt steroids will help, but if you have any inflammation, it will help that.

    Be thankful you have a doctor who is trying to give you something to help you.