steroids and c.f.s/fibromyalgi

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  1. justusjane

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    well this is all new to me, my doctor put me on steroid injection therapy today to see how it goes. I feel tired but at the same time I am wound up like an eight day clock
    anyone else tried this???????????? and it is it helping ??????? any responses would be appreciated thanks
  2. sunshine8957

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    If you've been going to the same doctor, then he knows that he hasn't given you steroid treatment before *very important* if you've been given steroid treatment by any other doctor you want to tell your current doctor treating your FMS/CFS immediately. Too much of a good thing (steroids) could hurt (I think it's your kidneys). Steroids are excellent for the pain in a major flare up.

    Yes, they can wind you up like a clock even though you are tired. Ride the wave and I'm sure you'll be glad you did.
    Call your dr.'s office if the side affects are really bothering you. You need to let him/her know what is going on. Next I would call my pharmasist so they can mark y

    Don't panic or worry about weight gain and getting the rounded face and belly - it all goes away in time. Be happy that there is a medicine out there that can help when you are in a major flare.

    Good luck to you and lots of soft hugs,

  3. garyandkim

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    give long term relief. Just make sure to have a bone density scan done every now and then. Good luck, Kim and Gary