Steroids & FM

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    I was reading a post about the steroid shots, I have had several over the years and have had no problems. NOw I am concerned because I am taking 10mg of prendisone a day for my RA. I like my Rhemy and he does say I had fibro too. The prendisone also helps with my asthma. He has started me on plaquinal but it will take about 3 months before it starts working. This means I will be on the prendisone for a total of 8 months. How concerned should I be about long term affects?

    I also have osteo, no thyroid,DDD, DJD, buldging discs, congenatil spinal stenosis, depression and high blood pressure. My meds are clexa, prilosec, synthyroid, percocet, vicodan, topral,prempro,ambien, remeron, albuterold servent, plus the plaquinal and predisone.

    thanks for any advice, prayers to all. CB
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    Mycoplasma bacteria have been found in the fluid surrounding arthritic joints. Some rheumies are now using antibiotics to treat RA.

    Hopefully, Madwolf will be along to answer this post.

    Love, Mikie