Steroids for Allergic Reaction

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by TaniaF, Jan 27, 2006.

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    Ate something that caused a systemic reaction in my body. Felt like my jaws were swollen (even though they didn't show it) and Blood Pressure shot up high.

    The doctors gave me a Medrol dose pack for a week. Now, my body is going haywire again. The allergy problem is gone but my BP is low instead of high. And my bodies aches now--while on the cortisone I felt much better.

    Has anyone else been through this--does your body just go back to normal after the cortisone is totally eliminated.

    I'm in a catch-22 a couple times a year when this reaction happens--not sure if it's a food or what. This time it happened after eating strawberries.

    Any posts will help.
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  3. dancingstar

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    I don't know if this will help you now, but the next time a doctor wants to give you Medrol Dose Pack, you might consider using something called Intenzyme Forte for 10 days. It is a natural enzyme and is really powerful stuff. To take down swelling, you have to take it on a completely empty stomach. A dentist had me use this when he was supposed to give me Medrol Dose Pack, and I refused to take it cause I knew my body would freak out. It worked like a charm.

    If swelling in your body is an issue, you might consider trying to get some Intenzyme Forte anyway. It could really help you to feel better without having to take steroids, and it is as safe as can be. It is made by a company in Texas. I think you can find it online, but I got mine through my dentist.

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