Steroids to treat a fibro flare?

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    I am having a major fibro flare and I am taking the maximum amount of medication that I can. I'm taking 300mg of Lyrica twice a day (lyrica was my miracle drug when I first tried it), 90mg of Cymbalta a day, 25mcg fentanyl patch, tramadol, oxycodone and now flexeril. I take enough pain meds in one day that would put an average person in a coma.

    I saw the doctor yesterday and he put me on prednisone. I have never heard of a doc prescribing steriods for a fibro flare and I wonder if he's just giving it to me to shut me up. I haven't started taking it yet and don't know if I will until I get some advice from people.

    I decided it's time to find a rheumatologist who specializes in fibro but until then I need advice.
    Thank you
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    To be wary of steroids. FMS is generally not thought to be an inflammatory condition although, people with FMS may have other sources of inflammation. Did your doc do any blood tests, like a CRP to determine inflammation?

    Some with FMS have had some relief with steroids but I've not read of many success stories in the 11 years I've been here. Those who do receive relief may have coexisting conditions causing the pain. Steroids have some heavy-duty side effects.

    Have you considered seeing a pain mgmt. specialist, or another pain mgmt. specialist? A fresh set of eyes may help. In some people, pain meds just cause the body to produce more pain. A more comprehensive approach may help. Good luck to you.

    Love, Mikie
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    book "Breakthrough"
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    Have you been properly tested for LYME??? Cuz if you have Lyme the steroids will make it 2X as bad once you are off... trust me I am a living testament to that... Had FM CFS ... had neck surgery which required steroids after and now I am completely bedridden and have Lupus... The accurate test for Lyme is or .. Also Dr. Jay Goldstein uses IV Lidocaine and I am trying to find someone who will do that... Good luck...