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    hi fibro friends. I have a question . My hubby body builds and uses steroids. Both him and the health food store owner said I should use Anavar to help with the fibro. It is a steroid. Anyone had experience with steroids and fibro. I would love to hear from you.
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    I've used prednisone (a corticosteroid) and it didn't help my fibro at all. In fact, not only did I gain 10 pounds in 15 days, I also felt much worse after I went off it than I did before I went on it. Also, steroids are known to be bad for you. I wouldn't take them unless my life depended on them.
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    It has been found fmers.people with lyme shoud detour from the use of steroids. Yes they do have there place for certain contidiotd, RA,Lupus,Tendinitis, and others.

    Steoids last in your system up to 1yr. Fmers many time have very poor reaction too leghtly to go into and have not slept in nights. Unless he absolutely has to take the side affects way out way the help. Affects, tissue organs,bones etc.

    You can get info on net. I became very ill. 2 of my fm pts. landed in hosp. I close to death since his sytem with fm had severe relearse reaction.

    Think long and hard about using.
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    Dear Poodlemum
    3 times my Dr have prescribed predisone for me, because she says I have Polymyalgia too. 3 times I have felt awful using it. I felt hungry, more weak and bad tempered. My Mum had polymyalgia and became hooked on steriods. She died last year from kidney failure. She was 84 and had lots of other health issues, but it was all her medications that caused the most damage. I stopped taking predisone after 2 horrible weeks. Still feel weak but happier in myself.