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  1. Baby_Bonkers

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    Has anyone else been affected by the death of Steve Irwin? I have to admit I never watched his shows, but since his death I've seen a couple of them and am really devastated that he's gone and left behind his beautiful wife and children. After watching "Steve's Story" and "Confessions of The Crocodile Hunter", this man was truly extraordinary. What caught me up was how gentle, loving, romantic and sensitive he was with his wife Terri when she was having their babies. He laid on the hospital bed and her laying in front of him. He was stroking her arms and shoulders just trying to comfort and soothe her during her labor pains. What a true love they had for each other.
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  2. Lendy5

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    He will be missed by millions around the world. He was so kind, caring and compassionate towards his family and others.

    His memorial aired from Australia on Tuesday evening. It was sad and beautiful.

    His wife Terri hasn't been able to speak about Steve's death until now. Barbara Walters from ABC (The View) flew to Brisbane, Australia to interview Terri and it will air next Wednesday at 10:00pm. It will include their daughter but not their son due to him being so young.

  3. Anafun

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    He was absolutely amazing.
    We all loved him
    There can be no other like him
    May god help his family.
  4. hob

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    Both my husband and I were were heartbroken about loosing steve. He is my husband's hero and inspired him to go back to school so he could educate others about the world. He will be greatly missed, but always an inspiriation!
  5. Empower

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    It is just hard to realize that someone with that much zest for life is gone
  6. rosemarie

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    For some reason when I learned of his sudden death I felt such a loss and pain in my heart for his wife and kids. It was as if I knew him and I didn't , yes I had watched his shows and knew that he has had several close calls over the years.

    I can't explain how I felt but it hurt my heart to learn of his death. I felt the same pain at the death of PRincess Di.
    I can't say why this effected me like it was a loss of a close family member but that was how it felt to me.I also lost my father at 13 yr old and it was hard to adjust to this event in my life. But i have and yet I still miss my DADDy too.

    I am sadded to know that his dear wife will have such a hard time, as there are alwasys going to be people from the press asking her "WEll Terri just how did the Loss of Steve effect you and your children." That is not there business.

    And I feel she should be left alone from the press and let her help her children learn to cope with the loss of a father that was so involved in their lives.

    From the moment they were born he had a part in their lives and was teaching them how to live with croc's that were in the back yard of their homes.

    He seemed to be susch a comapasiante person who was always
    trying to care for some animal that was indangered and still managed to be there with his family and to let them know just how much they were loved and so important to him.

    I am praying that Terri Irwin can have some time and space to be with her kids and to let them know that their daddy loved them and loved live as well.

    But most of all he may have been the Crock HUnter to the world but to Bindi & BOb
    he was DADDy. I always liked to watch the look in his eye's when he talked about his wife and you could just see the love showing through them.

    Yes will all will miss him but I do feel so bad for his family to have lost a father , a husband and a son,And a brother and a dear friend to many. May the lord shine down his love on them and help them in this hours of sadness.

    He will be missed.

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