Stevia recipes, anyone?

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  1. alaska3355

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    I would appreciate any stevia-sweetened recipes you might have. I decided it's time for us to give up the sugar and give this a serious try. Thanks in advance for any good tried and true recipes! Terri
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    hope there are some replies...
  3. alaska3355

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  4. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    Am I the only one who needs to lose weight?? Please send in some recipes!
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  5. Kat_in_Texas

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    What is stevia???

    I've never heard of it! Or maybe my fibro fog is worse than I thought today .......


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    From them.I dont remember how but I did.

    You might want to send them an email.

    PS I have not tried ant of them yet
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    I use Stevia quite a bit but don't use recipes for most of what I make as I can't be upright enough to actually cook much. I substitute it at about 1/2 to 1 tsp to 1 C of sugar that the recipe calls for. Remember that a little sugar is needed for texture or a certain reaction in some baking recipes - in those I use some brown sugar or rice syrup which are not as refined. Then I use Stevia to get the desired amt of sweetness. I mostly use Stevia to sweeten drinks and that sort of thing though I do have a pretty good recipe for pumpkin pie that uses tofu instead of dairy and stevia instead of sugar.
    Remember that white flour is treated like sugar by your body and gummes up your intestines besides, and that alcohol is broken down as sugar.

    Hope this helps, sorry to not be very specific.

  8. alaska3355

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    The plant has been used in South America for hundreds of years and is a green plant. It is sold as a green or white powder, or a clear liquid. It is a lot sweeter than sugar and has no caloric value. It is just starting to be known in the U.S. It is more natural than other sweeteners on the market and is good for diabetics. I'll try finding the free cookbook online...thanks! Terri
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    I found out there are several stevia cookbooks at my library. Maybe you will have some at yours. :)

    You might also like to try... xylitol! It's a natural sweetener, diabetic safe. The best part is, it looks like sugar, tastes the same, and measures the same. Very easy to cook with.