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  1. I read where it is better than any sugar substitutes. Is it sold only in health food stores? I have never seen it.
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    I Found it on E-Bay ,,for a fairly reasonably price! Just type it in the search box on the e-bay website and it will take you there,,,,,,,,,S
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    I won't even leave my home without my stash in my purse. I have used it for well over a year and love it. I have not eaten sugar for six years but needed some healthy substitute. There is a fairly new product call Xylitol that is supposed to be good as well.

    The only downside to Stevia is that it does not mix very well in cold drinks. I still use it in them but there is some residue at the bottom of the glass.

    My sister told me that their Kroger's store was selling it as well. There are no Kroger's in my area so I do buy it at GNC. That is a health food store.

    The boxes that contain 100 packets usually sells for around $8.

    Try it.I think you will like it.

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    It's supposedly a healthy substitute for other substitutes and for refined sugar. It can have a tiny bitter taste if you use a lot but you don't really need much. All health food stores have it if you don't have a Kroger in your area. I think Walmart and Target do too.

  5. Thanks I will ck Kroger, is it in with reg. sugars or in the health food dept. I wonder

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