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  1. scottabir

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    I was wondering if any of you have used Stevia in place of sugar? Being hypoglycemic I am looking for alternatives to sugar. I really dont want to use artifical sweeteners so I think this is my only choice. For those have used it, how did it work in cookie and cake recipes? Any help will be appreciated.

  2. klutzo

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    I've used stevia for years and love it. I no longer bake, since I do not eat grains (or any other high carb foods for that matter) but I use it to sweeten my yogurt and my herbal teas. Less is more with stevia.
    Tip: when you want something to taste "normally" sweet, use just a dash of stevia and some vanilla extract. This avoids the bitter aftertaste you get with too much stevia, while the vanilla in combo with stevia makes it taste very much like sugar. For example, to sweeten my cup of plain yougurt, I use a dash of stevia and one teaspoon of vanilla extract.
    Stevia does not raise insulin levels, which is the wonderful thing about it. It's been used as the table sugar in south america forever, and I feel it is safe.
  3. scottabir

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    Thank you both for your replies. I am going out today to search for it. I am actually quite excited!!

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    Hi Abi
    I'm not suppose to eat sugar, but just had to candy bars for dinner. But I do use splenda in my coffee,lol.
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    I just bought a bottle of Stevia from a company who touts theirs as not having any aftertaste. I spent $16 on it including shipping. I am absolutely dissapointed. It was more disgusting than Nutrasweet, which I abhor. The bitterness was awful. I've totally wasted almost $20 on something that I'll never use. I tried everything to make it taste better, but nothing worked. I wasted a whole pot of coffee on that crap!!!

    It may be all natural, but I'm going to stick to the regular sugar, although I'm supposed to stop sugar. I'd rather live in pain and have my sugar and carbos, than live (maybe!!!) without the pain just eating fish, veges, and no sugar!

    Just my 2 cents. I've heard alot of people like it. I'm sure if you're used to artificial sweeteners, it might not be so bad...
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    OK, No Splenda please- 'just as deadly as nutrasweet!

    As to Stevia, to me the Extract is best for coffee or other drinks, & it seems not to be as bitter as the dry, and I only use a few drops.

    Cooking ? I don't do a lot of baking that requires as stated above- that recipe book would be good to look at ! (Or Plain Ol' Sugar might do !)

    Good Luck !