sticky blood hypergoagulat syndrome

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    Recently Dx with antiphospholipid syndrome -hypercoagulant syndrome I've been told it is not uncommon with us fibromites and CFS'ers. Oncologist did not feel I needed any test to look for cancer, phewwwww! Thats a relief! But ordered some other test -hypergoagulant panel. He also confirmed what my Rheumy stated that the muscles spams could be related to the defiency in Vit D, anemia and hi amounts of protien in blood work and urine. GOT MILK?

    Here's some info for those of you with FM/CFS that are experiencing severe muscle spasms, pain in chest, difficulty breathing, sudden migrains and nausia, night sweats, ect...Not saying this is the cause, please have your blood work checked out for vit -D defiency's, anemia and hi protiens in blood and urine. Thought I was going to drop dead of a stroke or heart attack, lol! Will continue on the coated asprin 325mg, and hi- vitamin -D intake -prescrption. Antacid tablet is aiding with the stomach discomfort. Hope this helps.

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    I have been dx'd w/APS too (in the last 4-6 weeks). My neurologist was the one who figured this out. I had suspected it as I had a pulmonary embolism when I was about 22 and had very had pregnancies w/preterm labor beginning at 2o weeks. I am still undergoing more tests as my neuro thinks there is a strong probably I have Lupus. Many folks w/Lupus have APS and many folks w/APS have Lupus, but haveing APS does not mean you have Lupus. I am on aspirin now (I have taken it for 20 years almost daily) and my neuro said I has probably prevented additional clots. However, I still will need to see a hematologist next as some people with APS have to take blood thinners such as Coumadin or Lovenox. Also, FYI, MS-type symptoms are part of APS. The problem is, this disease was not "discovered" until the early 1980s by a Dr. Hughes (it is also called Hughes' Syndrome) so most docs know little about it. This is just another one of those invisible diseases that are difficult to treat, not just b/c of the risk of clots, stroke, etc., but b/c of all the other problems that occur, such as memory loss, joint pain/swelling, paresthesias, fatigue, etc., etc.

    I will keep everyone posted on my journey with this as I was originally dx'd w/FMS. There is a very good website I have bookmarked somewhere on APS that is run by a guy in ENgland w/APS and Lupus. I will post the link for you when I find it.

    Lynn in TN