Stidam and Takesha

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    Hello Stidam and Takesha,

    I want to personally want thank you both for thinking of me and praying for me. It fills my heart and helps me know that you both and any others here actually pray for me. During my daily struggles, my hi n lows, I actually think of the prayers that yall pray for me at these times. You two and this site has been the best thats happened in my life in a long time. The past 8 or 9 months have been a hard struggle for me mentally and physically. I almost gave up many times. The only thing that kept me getting up each was my family and knowing I had to provide $$ for my family. I've always gone to Church for years on most sundays and some weds. But I was really just wasnt involved hat much. I went to Sunday school and truly learned much and truly enjoyed it. We've gone thru several Pastors over the 18 yrs, but most sermons were great, but many I wasnt there mentally, just my body. I've prayed many times to the Lord to tell me where my place in the church was. wanted to give ,but didnt know how . My my, why do these things take so long. I feel like in this site, that I'm actully giving back, and hopefully helping another. Please continue to pray for me and my Vision and I certainly will pray for you both and others here. Many here have much more to deal with and I know i need to remember also, is that i'm truly blessed with the things I have.

    Thanks again, Amen, Danny
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    The commercials have it all wrong...YOU ARE THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING! We all give in our own special ways and those of us that sneak off the stage and do it behind the curtians are just as blessed as those who stand at the podium and deliver great speeches. You are unique and hand crafted my the Master and you BLOOM WHERE YOU ARE PLANTED! God's got a plan at work for you...and it will be perfected. He doesn't work in our time frame, but He works. So keep hanging in there! We all cherish your imput, and prayers. Hugs to you my brother.