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    are u feeling any better tonight? I seen you thought you might be starting to run temp. Was concerned about you and checking in. Hopefully your in bed resting though. Sweet dreams and hopefully you will get a good nights sleep. night night. mama
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    I FEEL TERRIBLE! ! ! I APOLOGIZE up and down. Please forgive me when i said you was cracking me up. I didnt realize you were that sick. My heavens sister you need alot of prayers right now. You have alot of things going on with yourself. I am questioning if you should be doing the pray updates on fridays for this week since your feeling so bad. that seems like an awful lot to do right now.

    im not going to get into this right now with you about the seizure thing but i want you to email me sometime on how you feel with that, cause i swear sometimes i am having mini seizures. i swear i have been in one yesterday and today. i get them every so often. my fibro dr. is convinced also that i am in early stages of ms. would like to chat more with you on this later, its late now though and i am tired and i know you dont feel good, i am sorry and i apologize again. hugs, mama