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  1. Is their anything in particular that helps with the horrid stiffness of this dd? Especially in the morning and also getting out of a chair and trying to walk.
  2. Windytalker

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    The longer I sit, the stiffer I get. I try to get up an walk around periodically to loosen up.

    But, this doesn't work too well in the AM. Try sitting on the edge of your bed and kind of work your muscles...a minor stretch here, then a minor stretch there.

    Hope this might help...
  3. nanswajo

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    I have the same problem and I think we all do. It sure seems to be a universal symptom of FM. I just remind myself that once I get moving it will be better.

    Any time I sit still or wake up from sleep I can hardly walk at first. It is weird as if my balance is a little off too. But, at least I know once I get going I will be better. In the morning I hobble to the shower and stand in the hot water then I stretch my legs at the end--my neck too.

    I also have started warm pool therapy which is really gentle exercise in a warm pool. It is the greatest and has helped me tremendously. I am strengthening my legs so I have more control.

    Best to you, Nancy
  4. pastel

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    helps me minimize morning stiffness. I never would have made the connection but a local nurse told me about this,
    and by gum it works.

    For my body, doing the stretches just before bedtime works
    the best; if I do them I'm not fighting the stiffness all
    the next day.

    Why this timing would be be important is not clear...maybe
    stiffness sets in over night and stretching stops that.

  5. NyroFan

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    I get up in extreme pain, take my pain meds, make coffee and then sit for an hour and a half. Then when I'm feeling a bit better I start my day.
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    If you can get a massage once a week --it really helps me. It seems that the massage loosens up those stiff muscles and joints by removing the toxins.My massuese uses the hot stones on my lower back and my neck.(Whatever hurts), But remember to drink lots of water after your massage b/c it flushes out the toxins. Also the hot baths with epsom salts and peroxide helps too. I do the baths at lest 2 times a week.The stretching exercise helps too.
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    You can try a stretch of about a week or so of preventative pain management...taking the meds before you are even out of bed to prevent the worsening of pain during the day. That sometimes helps me when I am having a bad stretch. What I DON"T get is how come some mornings I am in wicked pain..and others...I am barely stiff at all till I am up for more than an hour and then it kicks in. No rhyme or reason to that for me!
  8. for the replies, I feel like I am 90 and I am not, heck I see elderly out walking , riding bicycles, etc, just enjoying their lives,and then there's me. UGH!

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