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    just have not had the energy to wander this far onto the web.

    still getting worse it seems. Dr Brewer said he's had a number of patients plateau or get better but I keep getting worse. I feel SO special. he wants to run tons of bloodwork for lymre co-infectants when the (please God) Medicare comes thru (you should have seen him when he wrote the orders, I swear he looked like a happy mad scientist!)
    have upgraded to: Soma (like it) 350
    Neurontin 250
    Hydrocodone 7.5/500 (eh)
    Brewer has me on doxy for now, until he can get me on something better (iv, ick)

    SSD: nuthing. I called my lawyer yesterday and finally think I may have gotten her attention. it has been 5-plus months since the hearing w/the judge. 2 months since the SSD mandated drs. call her back Tuesday.

    top it off? May 1 when we had all those tornadoes I did something to my left shoulder ~ pinched nerve? torn muscle? sprain? STILL hurts a lot. nothing helping. trying sling. nothing he pain dr can do for me w/o insurance. argh!
    are we having fun yet? how is everyone else doing?
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    shoulder improving with sling, if nothing else it reminds me not to use that arm! heat is soothing, lidoderm and all the otcs don't really do anything. ah well.

    SSD: ready? judge on vacation thru the 6th. anyone surprised? not me.