still constipated

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mrshon, Apr 3, 2003.

  1. mrshon

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    i tried increasing my magnesium to 500mg a day thought it was working but stopped again, any suggestions
  2. Dayle

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    First I would suggest that you use both a laxative at night & a glycerine suppository the next morning. That way you will not cause injury when you finally pass a stool.
    Once you do that you must never let youself get constipated again. Here are some ideas hopefully you haven't tried them all already. Stay on the magnesium it is very good for FM, use fibre laxative as many times a day as you want, it does not cause any adverse side effects. But the best is pure PSYLLIUM HUSKS. Have you tried eating the old fashioned licorice candy cigars that can help believe or not. I hope some of this is helpful.
  3. spazmonkey

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    First of all, are you taking guai? For some reason, when i went on guai-i became severely constipated. When I stopped i was fine. Could be due to all the toxins that your letting go of. Haven't tried it yet, but im going back on the guai and im continuing the recommendations below because they work for me:

    What worked was, i took a saline laxative one night (yes, its gross and uncomfortable) but it cleans you out. So after one night of complete watery diarhea, then you start a super high fiber diet. Frosted mini-wheat cereal has a ton of fiber in it. If you eat that for breakfast plus two slices of high fiber bread, your good to go. Continue taking magnesium. The best kind to take is the powdered stuff you mix with water. This is absorbed easier than tablet form. The way you decide your level is you start with about two-three teaspoons. Try this for awhile. If you need more, keep increasing and you know you've had too much when your bowels start to loosen. Be careful because too much causes diarhea....

    Good luck! I had a horrible bout of constipation and it's chronic if I don't take the steps above. I ended up getting hemhroids that were bleeding and painful and made my life a living hell. I no longer have this problem thanks to powdered magnesium/high fiber diet. Let me know if this works for you;)!

  4. spazmonkey

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    This sounds crazy, but for some reason it works. A friend of mine told me that Coconut Maroons help her constipation. I thought she was crazy until I started buying them-they are just sooooo good! And a few hours later after just eating two of them, i had to go to the bathroom. It won't hurt to try it:)
  5. PatPalmer

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    Just lay off the white bread and pasta, - workes for me.

    Make my own museli for breakfast and only have wholemeal bread in sarnies. My lifelong problem is no more...

    Love Pat.
  6. healing

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    drink lots, LOTS, of water! That, plus magnesium, and whatever else you choose in the way of fiber, make up a good recipe for being "regular."
  7. palmtree

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    Zelnorm has worked wonders for my constipation. It is a new drug for IBS. I cannot tell from your username if you are a man or woman. The "mr" leads me to believe it is Mr. Shon, but I could be wrong. The reason I say this is that Zelnorm has only been shown to work for women. Another thing that I find very helpful is Raisin Bran. Stool Softeners also work and my doctor said that they are fine to use often unlike laxatives. Hope this helps!