Still feeling icky. need to know how to tell if I am flaring?

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    I am so sleepy and as I sit here and type and my ey's just want to close and I would fall on to the computer board and sleep. Silly I know. But I feel like I am so sleepy and for me that is not normal.

    Can someone help me to understand what a flare is and how it makes you feel.

    This feeling of aching and more intence pain in my hips, back, wrists, and knees is really getting annoying. I also feel like I need to go to bed and just sleep anad sleep as long as I can. I went to bed last night about 1 am and I woke up at 6:30 took my pain meds as I was hurting so much and ate some breakfast as I didn't want the pain meds to made my tummy sick.

    I think I have had flares before but they have never lasted this long.
    So I am just asking what are the symptoms that can happen when your body flares?

    Symptoms that I have:

    1- ache all over
    2- cry over nothing at all
    3-MY knees really hurt when I walk, they get really stiff when I walk.
    4- I ache so much more than the usual
    5-sitting is ok it is the getting up that is not. I am so stiff ,muscles feel Hard as a rock
    6- my back aches and lifting is getting to the point that I can't stand this never ending pain.
    7- I shattered my left wrist over a year ago and it burns and has electril shocks hit everyday and it burns all the time.
    8-When I get up to walk and put my feet on the ground I get the feeling of walking on broken glass
    9-I am not my self at all, I am emotial.

    10- there are many more feelings that I get but I some how can't put them in to the words I need, all I know is that I don't feel like I used to do. I have so many thoughts about how I feel but they don't come together before this feeling sudenlly I just am strange .

    So I am aksing if you can share your feeling about what happens to you when your flaring. What happends when it starts, what triggers ; I don't remember how I felt before this started to happen to me.

    Can someone tell me what a flare is and how it makes your body feel. What are the symptoms that you have like tingling, stinging, sching all over. What happens to your body do you just feel? I just have questions that I some how can't put in to words that make any scense. I really just wnat to know what it geels like when your flaring?

    I know that it sounds strange that I don't know what a flare is and how it makes you feel. I am just worried as I don't have the answers.

    So please can you help me? I just would like to know what the feelings that you have when your flaring and what happennns to you? I have any questions for you? Am I abnormal that I ache more and that I cry at the drop of a hat? are you stiff and sore all over alll over. Do you have body changes that are not nromal .

    I know that I have repeated my self so much but I have this feel that I need to know all the different ways that our bodys do that are diffent and Am I different than you?

    I am sorry for all the questions about symptions that I may have that you may not have. I would just like so get some answers for what is a flare and how does your body react to it? sorry if I have repeted this over and over but I am questioning what I hvae heard and a bit connnnfused about how I am to feel and what I should feel in a flare?
    many questions about a flare? and scared too.
  2. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    This all started in Jan. The family was preparing for a graveside sevice for a baby of a friend { The baby was born at 27 weeks gestation and a boy and he only lived for 30 minutes}

    We were all getting ready for this sad event when I got a phone call from my oldest daugter who lives with her hubby at my mom's house. She called and said that my mom was sick and had been passing blood in her stool. I didn't think much of it till I got there and my MOm was in the bathroom , not really with it and was grey .
    She had been bleeding all night and thought that she just had dirreaha. She had to be transred to the hospital as she had no blood in her and her blood pressure was at 84 by paplutation. She spent 4 days in the hospital and 3 of that in the ICU they could not find where she was bleeding but they got it stopped.

    So I guess that since I am the one that is called for any emrgancies and as far as I know still have the medical power of atterney.
    She is on
    blood thinners and pregsione and some other meds and lortabs for pain and is still in a great deal of pain. But her doctor is one who is hard to get pain meds out of as he has a daughter who is a addict. So I am constantly worried about my mom. And her health. she had cattrac surgery and it did not give her the site that she thought she was going to have.

    So I end up takeing her places ,doctors , getting blood work done, and she is constantly getting on my case about my not attending church. AS I have not gone because of the pain I have had and this sleepiness that I had.

    NOthing that I say or do is right with her and I cna't tell her how it really is because she al ways thinks that she knows all that happened to her. LIke this last visit to the hospital she had 4 units of whole blood and 4 of fresh frozen plasma these were given over two days and in her mind she had twice as much blood products as she really did.
    And when the bill came and said what she had been given she was all up set as they had not gotten it right and she wanted it changed to what she thought was real. And it was really hard to tell her that she didn't haev as much blood as she thought she did and she had just as much as the hosptial said she did. And they were not wrong.

    So during the days at the hospital I didn't get my meds on time and I missed them several times when I should have taken them. I didn't get enough sleep and my sister and her husband caused a disturbance at the hospital the day she was broght in by the ambluance. they were down right rude to the ER staff, doctors, nurses and admitting staff and I was called out of the room that my mom was in to be told that my sister needed to be told to leave. I then told my sister who didn't belive me and took it up with the ER staff and adimitting staff.

    And I was worried about how they were upsetting my mother and they were as her BP was going up the more they were there in the room and around the toom. They had to be excorted out by security. And that really had my mom in tears and didn't want to talk with my sister. NEedless to say during that stay my sister knew that I was there all the time and she was irratated that she was not allowed to be there and I was.

    This has cuased a rift with my family and my older brother who was not there when my sister was obnouxious and didn't belive it and thought that I had been making it a bigger deal than it was . I had him call the hosptial and he appoligized for his thoughts. But I have not spoken to my sister or her husband since then.

    Then there was good stress as my daugther threw me a birthday party when I tgurned 50 last month and my sister was there and it was a bit stressfull for me.

    I am the one that my mom calls when things don't go right. Or if she is not feeling good, or if she is upset with my sister or my neices, I am the one that has to listen to her gripe about everything. And even though she has gone to my pain doctor with me she still does not understand that I am hurting all the time and there are many things I should not be doing and I should be resting instead of doing things like liifting her groceries. 25 lbs of poetaoes, milk and other things.

    I am the one that she relys on for everything from her needing just to talk about how she feels and really needs some one to listen to her talk so what can I do, My brother lives 3 hours away and only calls her every other month and does not visit her regually. HE is perfect because he is the only son and he looks like my dad did before he passed away 30 some years ago.

    With my mom I get NO help or support with her from either my brother or sister. I have to do all the things she can't or she will try to do them. And my sister just takes her pain pills and has tryed to take mine too { MIne are in a locked box } She found it one day and asked me why did I keep it locked and I said because I do to keep people out of things that are private I did nopt tell her that they were my pain pills as she would have had a hissy fit and think that I need to share them with her.

    SEe I am not under any stress. MY youngest daughter has a 1 year old and a husband who does not know how to act like a dad instead of a father and a husband and it has caused her to have some verbal abuse in front of me and I tryed to not say anything til it was over adn he was not in the room and he does this quite often so my daughter will call me and talk about it so that she can deal with life. And she has some problems with her MIL and the family.

    Add to this my husband is a diebeteic and does not follow a real diet for it and his sugars are really high. He does not belive that fibro is real and if I would not think about my pain I would not have it.

    Don't sweat the small stuff he tells me. I have degenertive disc disease, spinal stenosis, chronic meyofacial pain syndorme, arithritis in my back , wrists and knees, I have L4-L5 and L5- S1 that are bulging discs, and my tail bone has never healed since it was broke when I gave birth with my first daughter who is 28 now.

    Sorry I just dumped on you I really don't mean to do that . I can deal with the family or at least I am trying and maybe it is what is making me so sleepy and hurtingmore that I should be.

    Sorry baout all the whining. Rosemarie
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