Still feeling so well 20 months on

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  1. lfrost

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    As I am sure some of you will remember, back in 2006 I undertook the Lightning Process and sent threads on here to say how well I was feeling after only a few weeks. These were met with great scepticism by many, understandably so, with many thinking I was selling it or on commission. I can assure you this was not the case.

    I am now working virtually full-time, having 3 jobs, I am planning my wedding for May and feel great. I just want you all to know that this training programme did work for me and many of my friends-please if you are in the Uk and wondering whether to try it, give it a try. It costs under £600 which sounds a lot, but what price can you put on having your life back. To me, it was the best thing I have done and I am now is great and I am so happy. Best wishes to you all, Lucy
  2. PatDLT

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    Can you refresh my memory. What is the Lightening Process?
  3. JaneSmith

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    Could you please explain to all of us again what that is? Thank you.
  4. matthewson

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    I remember you and I really felt bad because people gave you a lot of flack! I am glad you are feeling good! I think you had CFS if I am correct? I have FMS and I am feeling great too. I had to treat the pain in order to function and work, so I treat it with tramadol and celexa.

    Good luck to you and thanks for posting.

    Take care, Sally
  5. grace54

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    Many are skeptical of alternative healing measures but I have seen it and experienced it. There are many things science can not explain, but that doesn't mean it isn't valid because they say so. Regardless, I am pleased to see you reporting in and getting your life back.Blessings:)
  6. Diva55

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    Hi Lucy
    Glad this has worked so well for you.

    Ria posted a thread today "HUGE article on Vit D and CFS in Canadian newspaper-pls read!!! " which is about someone with CFS in the UK getting better having used LP.

    You may want to read the article.

    Best wishes
  7. yellowbird

    yellowbird New Member

    I would like to add that 1 year after beginning Mickel therapy I am at about 95% well and continuing to improve. Back to being a "healthy normal". Also the best thing to have every happened to me. Please try it.
  8. Britt2

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    If you go back to the orig. messg board, there is someone who has cut and pasted 'Lightning Process' from another site.....I would love to have your feedback on if it is close to what you I am interested in learning more about this...

    Thanks so much
  9. Britt2

    Britt2 New Member

    ** This comes from another Post from someone else - not in favor of LP - but I wanted to know from someone who has tried it.....if this is a close sounding way of explaining it******

    How to do the LP

    Mark a rectangle out on the floor or stand on a rectanglar doormat.

    Note that it has four edges and four corners.

    The far left edge is THE PIT - this is where we go when we are 'doing' ME...

    Someone standing in the STOP position stands outside the doormat with their toes pointing towards the left edge. So they are at your left and facing you.

    Someone in the CHOICE position stands at the front left corner of the mat, on the outside with their toes pointing towards the centre of the mat. So they are at the left corner in front of you and facing you.

    Someone in the COACH position stands directly in front of you like a mirror image.

    You will move through all these positions.

    So the first step in the process is to recognise when you’re in THE PIT. Maybe sometimes or all the time

    It’s important to recognise what you say to yourself as you go into the pit. For example “I’m feeling really ill this morning”, “if I do this, then I’ll get exhausted”, “last time I did this I got really ill for days”, “I can never eat this” etc.

    This takes some practise but we were assured that you always say something in your head as you go into the pit.

    As soon as you spot one of your “pit” phrases you want to STOP yourself right away.

    So imagine you’re on the mat and you start to say “I feel really ill today”. Before you get to the end of this phrase you will interrupt with a very firm, loud “STOP” (yes, talk out loud to yourself!) and jump into the STOP position as described above. So you jump outside the mat, to your left.

    Now you’re here you have interrupted your bad thought patterns. In NLP terms (this wasn’t taught in the LP course) I think this is called breaking state.

    Now you move to the choice position (as above). So you move slightly to your left. Stand as if you’re weighing two things up in your hands. To your right is the pit and to your left is the coach’s position. So what choice will you make? Will you go into the pit and carry on with your old thinking? Will you do something different and move to the coach’s position.

    Of course the idea is that you will do something different. It’s pretty important to be very firm about this choice and not just move on without thinking. You need to really mean it when you say you are going to avoid the pit. Uncertainly at the choice position can lead to you looping round the process without too much effect.

    Once you’ve decided to do something different then step into the coach’s position. Now you imagine you are coaching yourself. So a version of you is in the middle of the mat and the coach (whose part you will play) stands directly in front of you and coaches you.

    You need to write this in permanent ink on your mind: the first thing the coach always says is “well done”! He/she says it in a very enthusiastic and genuine way. (at this point you might want to pant like an excited doggy - oh sorry - I added that bit...)

    The point is that you have made the choice to do something different and that is a big achievement and you should be praised for it.

    Now step back onto the mat as yourself (i.e. facing the coach) and say, “thank you” to the coach and fully accept his/her praises.

    Now back to the coach’s position and give yourself a little motivational speech. It can be something along these lines: I’m here for you every step of the way, I’m going to coach you all you need and I’ll never let you feel alone. I’ll be here to kick your backside when you need it, because I’m your coach. You’re doing really really well. Hang in there – you’re great!”

    Then as the coach you ask yourself “what would you like?”

    Now step back into yourself and answer the question. This could be one of a few things: energy, a comfortable back , to 'do' calm. There’s an endless list and you’ll choose the right thing for you at the time. It could be something very simple like “to go and chat with a friend”.

    Then get back to the coach’s position and ask “how are you going to do that?”

    The answer might be simple, like “phone up my friend Fred” or something. But let’s take the example of energy.

    Here’s what you do…

    Give your energy right now a rating out of ten.

    You remember a time when you had lots of energy (if you can’t remember then imagine). Get really into this memory and make sure you remember it in minute detail – totally recreate it in your mind. What did you feel? Where were you? Who were you with? What did you see? Shut your eyes and totally transport yourself to that time. Feel that energy you felt then. Now when you’ve really got that feeling: imagine taking it and pouring it into yourself as you stand on the mat in the present time.

    Remember also to position your body as you would if you had energy. (Poised and upright with shoulder back etc)

    Now rate your energy again.

    Anyway, that’s an illustration of the process.

    One thing to point out is that the STOP at the beginning must be very firm. We had to do a hand signal (a bit like a policemen) to emphasise it.

    The idea is that using the LP, we constantly start accessing good memories and then these become more easily accessible and the bad ones start to fade.

    We’re kind of wiring up our brains to access positive things. Imagine that it’s like walking through a field of golden grasses. Our pathways to the bad memories (feeling sick and tired) are well worn but we need to let those grow over and walk some new pathways to more deeply buried good memories.

    If we imagine things vividly enough then the subconscious cannot tell the difference between our imagination and real memories (apparently) so if we haven’t got the memories we need, then we just imagine them for the purpose of the process.

    Gradually this process interrupts our stressful negative thoughts and the idea is that it breaks the adrenalin loop and adrenalin levels start to fall.

    The key thing is that you must be totally consistent. You have to jump on every single negative thought and LP it right away. I think people can end up saying STOPs 30-40 times even in one morning.

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  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy uses a similar "STOP" version each time a person recognizes she is letting her mind take her to a negative place.

    I once went to hear a motivational speaker and he said every morning in the shower, he recited, "I feel good, I feel fine; I feel this way all the time."

    I have my own version. In the morning, I say, "This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoyce and give thanks." I then say, "Today I CHOOSE to feel well. Today I CHOOSE not to judge. Today I CHOOSE to live in gratitude." This sets the tone of the day for me. It also reminds me that I'm not without the ability to choose how I react to life. Even on days when I'm in a flare, in pain, or exhausted, I choose to be grateful for what I have and for whatever I can do that day. It has amazed me that I have been able to keep working part time despite the unusual flare I've been in for a couple of months. I thank God for the healing I have experienced and tell Him that I'm excited because I know even more healing is on its way.

    Many people are helped by visualizations and alternative healing practices. They may not be cures, but sometimes, they make the difference in our perception of ourselves as victims versus people with the ability to make choices in our lives.

    I'm happy for everyone who has been helped by any of these therapies. My therapist used visualizations to help me "learn" how to be a healthy person again. She said people who have been sick a long time forget what it's like to feel healthy.

    Love, Mikie
  11. nerg

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    I can see how this would sound unbelievable. I think that for some people various therapies such as this is all they need, for others they need medications and dietary changes in addition.

    Many people who are ill with ME/CF are ill because of emotions being trapped on our bodies. The body cannot function properly without everything flowing correctly. It is like having post-traumatic syndrome. Other therapies, HMR (holographic memory resolution) help the mind and body to heal as well. Finding a psychotherapist that does more techniques to help heal is very important for everyone who is suffering. I know it was hard for me to muster up enough energy to even get out of bed to see my therapist, but with all of my other treatments- and probably a lot of the psychotherapy I am feeling recovered again and hope to return to work myself soon!
  12. marti_zavala

    marti_zavala Member

    I do believe that you were helped. I am not so sure that you had a true ME/CFS condition. I believe that you were sick but perhaps not with ME.

    Maybe you were in a depressive state and not ME. Would you ask someone with meningitis to stand in a box? While it is not right for people to shout you down, it is also not fair to insist that this will work for everyone.

    ME/CFS is a physical condition that is being shown by physical research. If thinking myself well works, I would have been well long ago.

    But I believe you that you were helped. I have used CBT to overcome issues. I believe in CBT to make our lives easier but it will not heal me as I have physically measurable health issues.

    What is required here is the agreement to respect one another. I respect your ideas and you respect mine. That DOES NOT mean that we have to AGREE!

    I respect your courage to put the word out again after the treatment you rec'd (i am new to this board but I still fee badly for you).

    Please understand that you may also relapse in the future as I did. I wish someone had warned me of that possibility. Periods of remission are common, then a trigger can cause a relapse. My relapse was worse than my onset. Please use caution while you enjoy your new life.

    Congratulations on your marriage!

    All the best,
  13. andnat

    andnat New Member

    I know this is not the worship board but counldnt help myself. Iam not one bit surprised this theapy helps people its not even nothening new. God told us in the bible thousands of years ago For as a man thinketh in his heart, so he is. and the power of life and death are in the tounge' This is a biblical principle and it does work if practiced consistantly. Thinking positive and saying positive things when your feel so awful is very difficult. But very effective if you can stick with it and believe in it.
  14. frosty77

    frosty77 New Member

    While I'm a firm disbeliever in any god, I do believe in the 'power of suggestion'. Your mind is a very powerful thing and can overcome quite a bit.

    While I think CBT would definitely help, I don't believe it can cure a physical illness.
  15. msbsgblue

    msbsgblue Member

    Very interesting info.
  16. harmony21

    harmony21 New Member

    I have never heard of it so thanks for the info and am so glad you are so much better.....

    I have FM and the information, man I cant cope am so very tired I cant concentrate on nomore then 2 lines at a time and then to make sense of it, no way

    I guess it works so for some and not others we just have to find what suits us, thank you for your positivity

    angel hugs and blessings

  17. glitterpony

    glitterpony New Member

    I've been working very hard at Mickel Therapy for about five months. For me, it's extremely difficult, but it seems to be real. I am driving again. I wasn't able to drive for about two years. It's the best treatment I've tried, and I've tried many, many things -- Valtrex, Famvir, Ayurveda, Acupuncture, HGH, pacing, FFC, T3, Armour Thyroid, Nystatin, Difflucan, Threelac, vitamin B injections, Cortef, vitamin name it! MT made no sense to me for the first couple of months, and I nearly gave up. I have a long way to go, but I am getting better.

    Thank you, Yellowbird, for putting it out there.

  18. SusanEU

    SusanEU New Member

    You go girl! Whatever works for you works and make the best of it.


    Sue in Ontario
  19. jenbooks13

    jenbooks13 New Member

    I've been doing MT therapy too. It's helpful.

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