Still Have Jaw/Tooth Pain After Oral Surgery

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    On Jan. 23, I had a lower molar (Tooth 31) extracted after an attempt at root canal work revealed that there was a crack in the tooth that couldn't be repaired. The nerve already was dead, and the endodontist had removed the dead tissue at my first root canal appointment a week earlier. The surgery seemed to go reasonably well. (I chose to have it under general anesthetic, as my muscles started to spasm after I got the local anesthetic, and I didn't want to take a chance of jerking the wrong way while the oral surgeon was operating!)

    The oral surgeon has checked the tooth at a follow-up visit, and the pain has been pretty mild. (Maybe it seemed that way to me in part because I'm usually in pain from the fibro anyway!)

    My question is whether anybody else has gone through this sort of thing only to find themselves still experiencing pain a week or two later in the area where the tooth was removed. This feels exactly like the pain I was experiencing for a long time before my gum got swollen and they found that there definitely was an abcess in Tooth 31. The endodontist did a preliminary check and said Teeth 30 and 32 seemed okay at the time. But now I'm concerned. My dentist plans to give me a bridge, using Teeth 30 and 32 as anchors for a tooth to replace Tooth 31. But now I'm worried that if 30 and/or 32 also have cracks/decay/abcess, I might wind up losing those teeth as well. (None of this decay or abcess has shown up on dental x-rays, by the way, and these teeth are in the far back on the right side of my lower jaw. So working on them stresses my jaw joint. Since I also have TMJ dysfunction, this can be particularly painful. Thank heaven my dentist is a TMJ specialist!)

    Anyway, I know that trigger points in some muscles can refer pain to the teeth. I was just wondering whether anybody else has found a way to distinguish fibro- or CMP-referred pain from pain caused by real dental problems. I don't want to have a bridge put in and then find that the teeth on which the bridge is based must come out. On the other hand, I don't want to lose teeth unnecessarily.

    Please help.

    --Laura R.M.

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    I just spent time with my dentist who is a new one that I just found.He did a panorama exray on the five teeth I have left in my mouth.I had my top dentures put in 10 years ago because I had bad teeth and they were rotten more evrey day
    so I had them pulled .Before that I spent money on a bridge but it didn't work and fit right.So t wasted money.
    Back then I didn't know I had FM.They pulled my back
    molars also but when they did they got into the sinus cavity.I kept tellling the dentist that my gums were swelling and burning at this time he also was a good dentist and oral surgeon.I finally figured it out my self if my sinues act up then my gums get red and burn .Plus chemicals and some medicines can also trigger it too.So I take a claritin and it takes the burning away.
    Now I'm in the same predicament again.I have five front teeth in and theres one that is giving me excrutiating pain.
    So this dentist that I had gone to 3 times pulled the ones on the righ side of my mouth out.So I have one tooth on the right side.So he told me to go to a root canl specialist to have a root canal done.It was going to cost close to six hundred dollars.Well after they deadened that nerve the tooth will end up breaking slowly down to the gum and then its a domino effect.So I'm having all 6th teeth pulled and putting in a bottom denture.I will have to persevere it till I get use to them because your gums will form around them as they heal if there made right.My top plate works real well because of the vacum up there.Sometime your gums will get little sores on them so I put a dab of neosporin on the inside of my false teeth and the next day they are gone.I know the pain you are going through and the decisions.I'm 49 years old so it don't bother me to have false teeth but you being young it would,but it was the best thing I did because I didn't have to wory about any of my teeth up top absessing.Thisnew dentist and oral surgeon I trust.The dentist that made my false teeth 10 or fifteen years ago did a super job making them.He made to look natural for the age I was and matched my bottom teeth.No body kne I had for a long time.Some people think their mine.
    So really think about my experience and all the money I put out,only to have them taken out ten nyears later.I wish you
    good luck .Their is a rinse I use called Pain-A-Lay that is really good it's in a plastic bottle and it's a reddish pink.Plus I use a heating pad up to my mouth it really
    helps me.I couldn't use ice like normal people. my body works backward to every one elses.Good luck with that and your fibro,because the teeth can really flare up your fibro.
    My hubby's home,I,ll pray for you that youu'll be out of pain soon.Your back tooth #31 he may have cut like mine did;
    take care
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    I decided to answer for fully under a new post, please read. Love Cactus
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    you may be headed for a world of Hurt.
    Last year, 02, I spent Jan - April, getting my teeth pulled, I only had the lowers left. I already had upper dentures, so I thought this would work out ok.
    I went through a lot of Pain with the uppers 23 years ago, but they finally started fitting ok and I wore them all the time.
    Well now I have MPS, along with the FMS, and I have been trying since April to get the Dentures to fit without causing instant pain. I went to the Dentist at least 20 times for adjustments and relining, to no avail.

    I can't wear them, they cause me pain, my gums swell and get raw, the jaws start hurting because my bones are thin in the gum area and it makes them Heavy. I wear the Uppers when I go out, but they make me sick after 20 mins, so I have to carry crackers to offset that.

    My Hubby has new insurance, and I went this morning with High hopes of finally getting them made right. I thought that the other Dentist was just doing a lousy job, even tho they are so Nice and Understanding, I just didn't think their work was on the mark.

    Well the new Dentist, looked at the fit, and the fits ok, what the problem is the Dammmm MPS. He said he couldn't do a thing for me, that the Myofasia is causing the problem.
    That the Pain is so wide spread through the body because of it, that when I have other Trigger points acting up, it cause's the gums to swell, and when the mouth hurts from me trying to wear the dam teeth it cause's other Trigger points to act up.
    It's a total Merry-go-round.

    (He say's he has had other Patients with this problem, and he was so sorry that he couldn't help me, but that it would be wasting my money to make new one's. That was nice of him, and I could tell he felt sorry for me, I just wished I hadn't started to Cry in front of the poor guy, it's not his fault.)

    Then because the MPS is acting up, FMS joins in and makes the Pain 10 times worse, they feed off of each other.

    So Bottom line is I won't be wearing Teeth, so I won't be going to my Reunion this year, I'll be skipping this Sat.'s Brunch with a group of us that get togeather now and then. I've had to skip the last 2, thought I would make it this time, because I just Knew this new guy could fix the Dentures.

    I feel like I have been given a Death sentence. I feel Numb.
    Just like when they told me that I would never use my Right arm again due to the 2 Rotator Surgery's that worked, to a point, still can't lift the arm very high or carry anything in it that's Heavy, or might break. I drop a lot of stuff.
    I excerise it and use it as much as possible, but it cost me my Career as a Photographer.

    Now I will become a Hermit, I don't go out much without the Lower denture's, I do wear the Uppers, mainly to the Pharmacy, My favorite Stores where they know me and what I have been going through.
    Funny how my Best Friends these days are the Pharmacy clerks, the video clerk, the Doctor's and their Staff, other than that, I let the Hubby do the talking, and boy can that be fun, sheeeessse.

    Well enough of my Venting, I'm just so PO'D right now, I can't believe I can't get Dentures.

    I just wanted you to know that it's not always a cure to have the remaining teeth pulled and have Dentures, the bottoms are the worst, and the hardest to fit, even for Normal folks.

    So if you have FMS. check out MPS also before you have the work done. A good source of information is at Devin Starlanyl's website, just type in her name in any search engine, I like google the best. She has information for Dentist's that's printable and very helpful. ( we used to be able to post url's, but if you use a search engine you'll get her ok).

    I still have Pain in some area's of my gum's from where the current astractions were made, like a tooth ache, but not, just sore, sweets can make it worse.

    If you need more info on my Saga of the Dentures, check out my previous posts, if they still go back to Jan 02, that's when it started, been a whole year of Hell for me.

    God Bless you,
    aka Sharon