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    I just can't seem to get myself up and out of my bed!
    anyone else starting to sweat yet? about getting done in time?
    mu husband finished the shopping that i can't do funny!!!I have done it all for years and now he is seeing what is involved!

    Plus the last two years he has cooked us christmas dinner and prepared snacks for christmas eve...our 16 yr old daughter helps him...we just have a quiet holiday even though I have my parents, and 3 siblings and their families close by...

    I can't take the noise anymore and I am basically bed bound these days...our 19 yr old daughter has cerebral palsy and she can't stand noisy gatherings so we have just started staying home...i don't get along with one of my brothers so that kind of divides the family...we invited my folks and one brother that was sister will be at her inlaws with her kids on xmas eve...dh refuses to go out on xmas we stay here..i am grateful that he has put his foot down the last couple years....he sees what it does to me and our daughter....

    our boys get to just stay home and play with their toys...have a quiet dinner as a family...we don't have to drag our daughter out to a house that she can't get into a bathroom....we have to go home if she has to go to the bathroom....and my mom won't budge about coming here on xmas eve....she wants to be at her house because my evil brother might stop by with his family...then she wants to host xmas day....we have dragged the kids out on both xmas eve and xmas day for 17, we are done...we are staying home....

    it seems mean but it is the best situation for our family...I can't even make it to church i will even miss xmas eve church for the first time in my life...i will be 40 on the sad...i love christmas is so beautiful !

    anyways...i am done airing my dirty laundry!!! and it all started with stress over the presents that need to be wrapped....what would i do without all you wonderful people to talk to????

    thanks so much for listening!!! love Pink
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    the grocery bags...the paper kind? do they have words on them? this is a very good just save them or do you buy them in bulk?

    I got white paper in bulk...a big roll...and a rollholder so i could just tear off the paper like in a store...then i bought grosgrain, black, thick and thin...tied it around the package...

    i also got shirt boxes...and just tied the ribbon around the paper...

    i planned on writing the to and from on the looked tacky so i found some old tags i had and stuck them on....looked pretty good...

    the important thing is....after 3.5 hrs of wrapping, I am finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!until next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the year the i start using grocery bags instead!!!!!!
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    My wife bought christmas gift bags and tons of tissue paper in different colors. She just wrapped the tissue paper around the gift and put it in the bag. After all of the persons gifts were in the bag she added more tissue on top. No tape, no cutting and took just a couple minutes per person.