still having problems with script refills

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by loto, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. loto

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    I am so angry! I just called the pharmacy to see if my hydrocodone prescription will be ready for me to pick up later this afternoon, and they said it's not due to pick up until Sunday!

    I just hung up on them and left a message at my doctor's office. I said in the message that I cannot go through this stress and aggravation every time I have to get my pain med refilled. I am taking it to the "T". I only take what is prescribed me daily. Now I'm going to run out before the stupid pharmacy will let me pick it up!

    When I do go get it, I'm going to stand right there at the counter and count all the pills out. I don't know what the heck is going on!

    I just hope my doctor comes through for me and calls them before they leave for the weekend and tell them to let me get it tonight or tomorrow morning. Then, I'm switching to another pharmacy.

    So, the nurse just called me back and I'm even more upset. She told me the pharmacy is right about the refills, etc. I tried to explain how they've messed me up somehow and that I don't take more than the prescribed pills per day. I don't understand what the hell is going on. It's like she almost accused me of abusing the med. I'm so upset that I had to go out to my car to stop crying. I'm upset that I have to take this med and that I have FM and have to put up with all this confusion and everything.[This Message was Edited on 04/23/2010]
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    Be sure to let your doctors office know you will be changing to different Pharmacy.

    The pharmacy you are at now may not transfer remaing refills to another pharmacy.

  3. loto

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    I will tell them. this is the last refill on this bottle. Then I'll have to start all over again with the other pharmacy. But, maybe they will treat me better instead of losing my refill and talking to me like I'm some drug dealer.
  4. debilyn

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    Hi loto,

    I feel for you. I can't imagine the stress you must be going through trying to get this sorted out while in PAIN. I absolutely could not work without the hydrocodone. Sometimes I get myself worked up thinking about what would happen if I wasn't able to get my medicine. I've even had nightmares about being stuck without it, and being in so much pain and stress and no one listening to me. . . .That probably sounds neurotic, but pain is stressful; it's very hard on the body.

    Praying that you're able to get this straightened out very, very soon, so you can have some peace of mind and pain control. What is wrong with people? Don't they realize that the extra stress just adds more pain?

  5. kat0465

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    the best thing to do is to count your pills right in front of them, at the counter!!
    i live in a small town, and was getting my xanax filled at our local pharm.
    i went home and didnt look at my Bottle for a while, then i realized they shorted me almost 30 pills!!
    needless to say when i went back, they looked at me like i was Lying, except for one lady she took me aside and said next time count them before you leave here!
    about a year later, we found out the Pharmacist was doing all kinda stuff, like trading Pills for ahh hem.....Sex!
    so you never know, theres too much demand for prescription drugs out on the streets. people will do just about anything to get them.and we suffer
  6. Janalynn

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    Are you kidding me? You're going through this again? I'd be pi$$ed off (excuse my language)

    What are the dates on your bottle? Is it dated the 15th, just wondering how they count - whether they are making you wait til the day after your last pills.

    I had a fill-in Doc once that didn't realize that 31 day months, I'd need my script a day earlier. Nope, you got it last month on the 10th. You can't have it til the 10th.

    I even told her I was counting on a calendar and she said she was too. She said it doesn't matter if it's a 31 day month, it's a 30 day supply. HUH? MY POINT EXACTLY.
    It didn't make a huge difference to me at that time, but it could've been.

    I asked you before but I didn't get the "why" part answered...why does you Dr. only give you a 10 day supply? I know you get 3 refills, but is there a reason he won't give you a 30 day?
    I've just never heard of this especially when you're given refills anyway.

    It's awful how someone can mention one thing about the meds - the pharmacy, the Dr., the nurse and all of the sudden you feel like you're done something wrong. Well you haven't - so get that out of your head. Let it go...blow it out.... Really. It's not your fault that you have this. So.......... let it go, okay?

    Are you okay until Sunday? Can you make it through tomorrow?
  7. loto

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    it wasn't a very good weekend for me, to say the least.
    I'm going to have to call my doctor again, and see if he'll give me a one time prescription for a days worth of hydrocodone so I can get back on track. At least get on my current pharmacy's track. That way I won't be out of it for a whole day and morning!
    Of course I'll have to explain it all over again to the nurse, but I don't care anymore. They've got to understand that I take it as prescribed and when I switched pharmacies is when I got off the cycle.
  8. loto

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    I had a terrible weekend.

    As you can see from my post up there, i'm calling doctor to get this all back on track.

    I don't know why he does my prescription the way he does. I don't know if it's his policy or what. He knows I'll be on pain meds forever! Unless some miracle comes along and helps us all.

    So anyway, I hope and pray that was the last time I'll run out of pain meds!

    Thanks for your support.

  9. bunnyfluff

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    It usually has nothing to do with the pharmacy- it is your insurance company. They do it all the time now to save money, I have had it happen even with my husbands blood pressure Rx. Medco (the Rx provider for BCBS) REFUSED to fill it even 1 day early, and it has started to be the same consistently for all of our Rx. If your Dr writes the Rx in wording that says "4 per day"- then they can say you have enough for 30 days, etc., and will not refill after 28, but if the Dr writes "4x a day or as needed", then it makes it easier to get a refil after 28 days, etc.

    As health care costs are examined, there will be more of the same. So- be mad at the right people, your pharmacy isn't *picking on you* or accusing you of being a drug dealer. You are taking a general policy and personalizing it. It isn't just you- it's everywhere.

    Hope this helps,
  10. loto

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    Thanks. I realize it's not the pharmacy's fault, but it is their fault with the type of attitude they give me.
    Switching from one pharmacy to another got me all messed up.


    PITATOO Member

    I have been on valium and ultram for 13 years, same dose never increase but have decreased. Had to take a job in Ohio because my computer consulting business in Michigan went under because of the economy. The Dr.'s here are horrible. I was treated like a criminal. My Dr. decided 2 50mg tabs of ultram 3 times a day was too much. And she did not tell me this while I was there. Went to fill the script and it said take two a 2. Should have totalled 6 a day. Called the Dr.'s office and her nurse said she I was taking way too many. Well maybe so, but I asked her what her plan was to get me off them and to control the pain. Her plan to wean off them was go from 6 a day to 2 immed. And to take tylenol for the pain. FGS I was just furious. I just wanted a Dr. to keep me on my maint. meds, nothing more, nothing less. So I now go back to my Dr. in Michigan. What a pain. I travel a lot for my work much less having to drive 300 miles just to see the Dr. but at least he is caring and is trying everything he can. But it is taking it's toll. I have to leave for Juarez mexcio on May 9th , leave to come back to the Pittsburgh airport Friday May 14th then I have to drive ot Michigan right off the plane for 5 hours just to make it in time for bed to get up the next am to go to my Dr. in Mich. Don't know how much longer I can do this. Plus I soon have to go to Chihuahua Mexico for 3 weeks for work and could be in a middle of a script running out. How am I suppose to get that filled in Mexico. No CVS there. I am so stressed out from all of this I was trying to wean very slowing off of valium, which I have gone from 6 10mg a day down to 2 3 at the most. But can't go any further because this is causing me so much more stress, beside working 60 hours a week. I think because of a few bad apples we get all treated like addicts and criminals. It is awful....
  12. Manwithfibro

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    Mail order was sent for 90 days of Oxycontin and I received 60 days worth. I got to the point
    of pleading with the insurance company but they said without a NEW Rx, nothing they could do.
    I take an unusual amount due to the severe pain I am in. For example, a normal month for most people is 60 tablets or 2x a day. I have to take it 3x a day with 2 pills in the morning, my worst horrific time, as it wears off after 7-8 hours.
    Thus, my normal month is 120. I have received only 100 from the pharmacy on atleast 2 fills.
    It comes in 100 qty bottles so this is an easy mistake for them to make. Bottom line...I now
    count it in front of them. I don't care if they get pissed off. The drug is crazy expensive so pharmacy techs, who make nothing, have incentive to sell it on the street. Also, rumors abound that pharmacists many times are addicted and will snag 20 here, 20 there.
    A friend of mine who used to be a pharmacy tech said shorting of pain meds is so common.
    Anyways, you aren't alone. I have been thru the nightmare. I even ended up in the emergency room once explaining my situation as I started major withdrawals from physical dependence.

  13. loto

    loto Member

    That's terrible. I feel so sorry for you!
    Doesn't your new doctor realize Tylenol probably does not help your pain, that's why you're taking different meds???? Plus, it's not good for us to take a lot of Tylenol!!!! That doctor would totally piss me off and I'd get so angry and upset that I'd probably say some not-so-nice things.
    I hope you get it all straightened out and won't run out of meds on your trip.

  14. loto

    loto Member

    Manwithfibro, thanks for sharing your experience. It's so terrible what we have to go through just to get meds that help our quality of life.
    I do understand why it's so strict--because of the abusers and pharmacists who get these drugs to make money.
    I hope you can get your situation resolved so you don't come up short and have to suffer.

  15. Manwithfibro

    Manwithfibro New Member

    Like I said, I count it in front of them now. It is too risky for me to go into withdrawals physically due to shorting but your story is common for painkillers. Really sad.
  16. lvjesus

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    I get my hydrocodone from Walmart. Never had a problem, until... I only get 30 a month and usually the bottle is full; however, one month I got a bigger size bottle that usual (taller) so I didn't think anything of the fact that it didn't look "full" cause of course it looked like that in a taller bottle, right? So about a week later I was getting one out and I thought, hmm, that doesn't look like there are that many left, so I counted them and, lo and behold, I had 15 pills!! Well, I KNEW I did not take 15 pills in a week, so I knew they shorted me. I figured at least 10 pills.

    So, I called the doctor office who said call the pharmacy, so I did. They said they would have to count their pills and see if they were over. Of course they were not, which I knew they were going to say, since I already knew from being here that pain pills get stolen - at the pharmacy, at people's homes, etc. Thank God for my peeps here. When I posted about it some kind soul told me to go to Walmart's website and make a complaint and that a supervisor would call me. Well, I did and a supervisor did not call me but the pharmacy manager did. Long story short, after a second complaint and some phone tag, the pharmacy manager told me I could pick up the rest of my script. So they gave me 10 pills and a $10 gift card!

    Now, I sit right down on the bench in front of the pharmacy counter and count out my pills. I don't care if they like it or not. My thinking is if I even go outside and come back and say I was shorted, I can't prove that I didn't take some out after I got out of sight. So I sit in sight of the pharmacy and count.