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    hey all just wanted to let you know i haved kicked the bucket yet. i am going to have the pituitary tumor removed soon. kind of been putting that off. i had a spell of bad fatigue and cluster headaches avery day. was in the er in this small country town 15 times in one month. for headaches. they finally uped my dose of oxycontin to 80 mgs 2 x a day and it does not work any more, i have been on it since 1996 so my tolerance is busted.
    my testosterone level is only 80 for males it is supposed to be between 270 and 870. so i have been cross dresssing and going on shopping sprees like paris hilton, (ha ha). just kidding folks.

    they put me on adro-gel 5grams of testosterone and man it makes me sick as can be. going to see the dr again on monday to see whats up.

    i am trying the fentnyl patch as well 75mcs and it makes me kind of sick to so . i will see what happens.

    hopefully i will be back on the internet in a month or so and will let you all know when i return.

    be well guys !
    from wild bill in kc
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    hey-------------i was wondering where you were-----------------i hope you are getting better----------i did not know about your tumor----------i hope that you can take care of that too-----------i feel for you about your pain meds---------------ive had the same thing happen to me-------where they stop working-------------hopefully they can get you started on meds that will work--------i guess this just is a post of hope (since i keep saying HOPE!!!!) ----------take care and know you have been missed----------laura
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    sorry 4 yr troubles. how is the CFS?