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    Tomorrow our rent is due and I haven't seen my ssdi check yet but it may be here on the third. But we still will need 319. more dollars to be able to pay they rent ,if we get it to them on time if not then it will be another 75. extra.
    My husband re applied for unemployment . He thinks that they may not have closed his case but if they did then he'll probably be denied as he hasn't had a job in the past year. But we are trying to think positive about all that .
    Also I started a new (new for me) RA drug called Arava. It's not going so well. Been having some unpleasant side effect and I'm not so sure that I want to continue on it. So far the side effects are ,itching head,hair loss, stomach pain ,diarrhea,
    headaches,sinus problems,chest tightness (like you have with a chest cold),joint pain ( but I have that all the time anyways),more fatigue. I'm just not sure that a temporary cure is worth all this. I've been stuck at home in bed or on the couch for the last two days and I want to get out. =)
    But if its God's will that all this happens then He'll provide.

    Anyways hubs is going to talk to the manager of our apartments today about the rent and I know that it will be ok with them to be a little late . Its just all this stuff is driving us nutty. Hubs has to borrow money today for gas for the car and his meds. He's not sleeping at night . I think that he's been up all night watching as many tv shows as he can because the tv will be shut off if the bill is not paid before the 20th or so . They'll also be shutting off the telephone and internet as well with the TV . Around here everything is connected .

    Other news is.....about our church stuff......
    Our pastor had a biopsy done of a problem in his mouth. And everything turn out negative !Yeah! Still don't have any news about my friend who had the biopsy done for possible colon cancer.
    Our church is closer to finding a church building that we can use. There is a church close to here that may let us use the building on Saturday evenings for a service. This would be good but we also would like to have a Sunday morning service too but Saturdays will be fine. Its just some of our church members can't make it for a Saturday service and I think that we may lose them . =( But if this is what the Lord want then everything will work out well.

    Oh my youngest daughter (the prodigal) needs prayer. She been sick with a throat infection. I'm hoping that someone will be able to take her to the doctor where she lives . She is still living (la Vita Loca) and is hanging out with a bad sort of people . Also her grandparents need prayer. She's living with them . So you all know why they need all the prayer that they can get.=)

    Well it now 11pm and I still haven't taking a Plus I know that I've talk your cyber ears off.

    Bye for now, Love you all,

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    July 3 is a holiday, so you should have your SSA check on July 2, today and I got mine deposited by around 7:00 AM or around 7:20 AM into the bank. I never go out to do the errands until I confirm it is deposited, just in case.

    It's hard right now, but also try to give thanks for the good things in your life and hopefully things will start to change for you. In the rough times I also ask Him for guidance because it can be hard to know which way to go--and it's amazing sometimes how you are directed. Prayers and hugs.
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    No matter what happens , God loves you. It is sometimes hard to see down the road , but He sees far down the road and He knows in the end , He and His people win.

    Because I know he loves you and cares so much about what happens to you , I believe you will soon see a solution to your problems. I pray for this often , and please know that you are loved.

    In HIs Grace,