still in pain from gallbladder surgery

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Pinky, Aug 23, 2003.

  1. Pinky

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    i had my gallbladder removed 9 days ago and am still in alot of pain. Going into surgery I was very optimistic and had every intention of being back to work 4-5 days after surgery. BOY, was i wrong and very discouraged. I am still experiencing a tremendous amount of pain on my whole right side, especially in the area where the gallbladder once lived and in my lower back. I can only be on my feet a short amount of time and I get very tired. I am currentlt taking Vicodin for the pain along with Bextra and Ultram for FM/CFS. It seems to help some but i want to get back to work and am wondering how much longer this pain will last? My gallbladder was diseased and I had multiple very large stones. The gallbladder was stuck to the stomach and other areas where it had to be snipped and cut. I was just wondering if having FM/CFS has made my recovery harder and/longer or am i just being impatient? The pain does seem to be getting better each day but still at times it huirts so bad, I am very uncomfortable to the point of tears.
    Thanx for any and all suggestions and/or encouragement.
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    ... in 1988. The surgery was a lot more invasive then. The doctor made me stay off work SIX WEEKS mandatory. It's a big adjustment to lose a gallbladder, apparently. It's a filter for your body.

    Even now, 15 years later, I still have pain in the spot where my gallbladder used to be... like when I sneeze or cough.

    Sounds like you had a more complicated procedure than just a normal removal. Don't put so much pressure on yourself. Get rest and give your body time to recover. If you are unhappy with your pain meds, talk to your doctor.

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    Was it laprascopic????
    I had mine out in 97 laprascopic and believe me.......what they tell u before hand is a bunch of bull...........3-4 days and back to work...some back in 2 days ...HA !!!!!!!!!

    Take it easy.........take carefu; or u wll get a hernia like I did.........
    it is mAJOR surgery REGARDLESS WHAT THEY TELL YOU !!!!!!


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    I had a bad case of the flu or something not too long ago. My doctor told me that most people would be feeling better and back to normal within a specified time. But, he said because of the FM I could double or maybe even triple the recovery time. I know that surgery is a big difference from an illness, but I would think the ruling is probably the same.

    Don't be impatient with yourself. It's probably just going to take you longer to heal inside than most people. Take care.

  5. Mikie

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    I don't know if this is a problem with gallbladder surgery or not, but long-term pain after surgery is often caused by this. I would see a good doc about it.

    Love, Mikie
  6. tandy

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    All the surgery's i've had.....4 abdominal,Each time I needed more than the usual recovery time~ I think having CF or FM or both makes it alot harder on our bodys!! Seemed like evn the effects of the anestesia(sp?)stayed with me for a few days!! My brain was loopy!! then again your pumped with pain meds for the first 24 hrs or so~
    Take your time and rest~ your body need it!!
    Hope your up and about soon:)
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    I've had both types of abdominal surgery. Both are painful. With the laparoscopic surgery the gas pains in my chest and shoulders were the worst thing - it hurt to breathe. And it was laser surgery and I felt *burned*.

    Laparotomy cuts through all your muscles, etc. and that in itself causes lots of pain. Longer recovery period.

    In any surgery, if the *offending* thing has to be cut away from another organ, you have things to deal with from that, and I was always under the impression that no matter what kind of surgery you have, scar tissue/adhesions are always a possibility, although I don't know how quickly they form.

    One thing is true, this business about laparoscopic surgery being the *weekend* operation is bull. It took me 2 weeks to recover to the point where I could even return to work part time, it was just that painful.

    Have you called your doc about the continuing pain??

  8. lucky

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    I am sorry you are still so much in pain after your surgery. I read your message with interest, since one day I probably am heading for gallbladder surgery as well because I have gallstones. The minute they start giving me trouble, I will also get my gallbladder out.
    My doctor mentioned to me, well, with the new laprascopic operations it is nothing anymore and you are in and out of the hospital and on your feet in a few days. Well, this does not sound like it. It is better to be mentally prepared than thinking one can dance again after 4 or 5 days after surgery.
    I wish you all the best and that you are feeling better very soon. Lucky
  9. teatea

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    hi debbie i;m teatea and i had my gall bladder out laporscopy
    bad speller but its the new way i had 3 small holes and
    i went hom 4 hrs later and the next 2 days i felt fine but six month later i had kidney stones sore but i feel for you and talk to the dr and get stronger meds and rest is so important take care tea tea,
  10. Pinky

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    Thank-you all so much for your words of encouragement as well as advice. I feel so much better knowing that others have had the apin i feel and was not able to "get up and go" 4-5 days after surgery. i did go back to work today(11 days after surgery) but they were all so supportive and wonderful. I only worked 5 hours but BOY! let me tell you I was ready to go home and take my pain med. and lay down. i am going to take it easy for the next week and relax this labor day weekend and hopefully by next week I will be somewhat back to "normal"
    Thanx again
  11. Pinky

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    I think that at 9 days you should not be in that much pain after lap surgery. Yes you will be "sore" for a bit, but if you are in dire agony at 9 days I think you need to call the doc.
    The fibro certainly can make you recover slower, so you do need to take it easy but I really think you should be improving each and every day.
    I would call and see what's up.