Still In the Lyme Light

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    This article is a very informative and balanced.

    The following is the author’s last paragraph.

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    Medical Examiner
    Still in the Lyme Light
    Politicians and Hollywood enter the debate over "chronic Lyme disease."
    By Kent Sepkowitz

    Given the impasse between doctors and patients over a condition that affects thousands, may I make a modest proposal? Let's study the problem. Not another McCain Commission of blue-ribbon windbags to meet and congratulate one another—rather, let's do a clinical trial to determine the effectiveness of antibiotics: double-blind, placebo-controlled, the whole works. Doctors and patients together could design the study, as is done with AIDS and many cancer trials. And if antibiotics work, great—the doctors are wrong yet again. If they don't, then it is on to the next therapeutic approach till we find something that does the trick. Just one ground rule: Neither side can assume the other is a sleazeball (hear that, patients?) or a nut (you, doctors). After all, this is a real public-health problem before us, regardless of the cause—and it is surely in the interest of one and all to place the debate on sound footing.

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