Still looking for a compassionate Doc. Please I really need info

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    Hello everyone. I'm still looking for a good Doc in CT. I was diagnosed with FM about a year ago by a Dr in Southington but he literally dumped me because I cant get my sleep apnea under control and I think he is afraid to treat me with the standard meds because of it. So right now I have noone I can see if I'm in a bad state. My primary care doc has the same thing to say about any complaint I might have:
    "go to weight watchers" The sad thing is, I cant seem to lose weight even though I have zero appetite and barely eat at all. And its not like I'm horribly obese, I'm only about 60 pounds overweight. As a result I feel completely alone and helpless. I'm getting much much worse. I've been working at the same place for almost 18 years( and I either have to work or get disability because my husband is terrible ill and cant work at all) but I'm really afraid I'm going to lose my job if I don't have a good Doc to back me up. If anyone knows of any Doc out there (and I'm willing to travel almost anywhere within reason) even not so much a Doctor that can help me but just someone I can turn to to back me up with work when I get so bad I have to take time off. Sorry for such a long post but I'm really getting to the end of my rope. Thanks for listening people.
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    ...And definately get your thyroid checked! You sound like a classic case of hypothroidism.

    Hope you find someone soon, and all the best in your quest for better health. :)

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    I know how hard it is to fnd a good Dr. There are some out there, though.
    What I want to comment on is your inability to loose weight. Have you investigated a wheat allergy? I have one and when I eat wheat my body swells and I gain weight, so not only do I really gain weight, I look like I have gained weight. Eliminating wheat and gluten products from my diet started me losing weight. It is slow, but continual.
    Good luck,
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    One thing you might try is hooking up with a rheumatologist at a teaching hospital. Lots of times, they are doing research (or know someone who is) on folks with this DD, and they tend to be more knowledgeable. They may also be able to steer you to someone who specializes in sleep disorders who is able to help you with the apnea. Sleep apnea is extremely dangerous, and shame on your doc for not taking it seriously enough!

    Also, with the weight loss--I was on Weight Watchers and lost 45 lbs., hypothyroid and all! One important lesson I learned is that it is possible to slow your metabolism down by eating too little. I know it seems odd, but it really works when you start eating more than you think you should. You may want to try their program--they have on on-line option if you don't think you can handle the meetings, although I found the meetings helpful.
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    Since you are in Connecticutt, you can see a licensed Naturopath. I would do that in a heartbeat if I were lucky enough to live in one of the only four states that license them.
    If there is nobody near you, I'd try a holistic M.D. or D.O., esp. if they have an ARNP or a PA on their staff that you could see.
    I too, think you probably have hypothyroidism, and a conventional doctor may not recognize it as such, nor treat it correctly with natural thyroid.

    P.S. You can also try calling Fibromyalgia Network at 1-800-853-2929, as they have a nationwide database of docs who were recommended by their newsletter subscribers.
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    thanks to all for your advice. I tried calling the fibromyalgia network but they wont give dr names unless you subscribe. Also Ive seen Dr Manning. hes the one that diagnosed me, but hes also the one that dumped me (rather cold heartedly by the way) when he found out i had uncontrolled sleep apnea. So I guess hes doing a good job for some but for me not too much. I just made an appointment with dr Stocker and I think i may make one with the endro dr lang as well. I'm going to check into a pa or nurse practitioner as madwolf suggested sounds like a good idea. I have to explore every option because i just cant live like this anymore. Thanks all of you for such support. I know in my heart someday progress will be made and things are going to get better for all of us
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    Hi: I read your request for info on CT docs. There is a naturopathic physician in Torrington, CT. Dr. Michelle Pouliot, ND. You could give her office a call.