still looking for a good doc in San jose

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by islands, Nov 30, 2005.

  1. islands

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    I saw yet another doctor yesterday and she is a non believer in fibro.....she says that there is no real test for it and blah, blah. I had literature with me, but she did not want to deal with it. I had a couple of recommendations from the fibro community and those docs will not take me without a referral from another doc....So, I keep going round and round with this little adventure. Spending lots of money and time and getting no where.......
  2. CarolK

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    Hi Islands... I too am in the San Jose Area... and while my primary care doc does believe in it... she is just not helping me at all.

    I also would like to find a doctor in the San Jose area that has a sympathetic ear for this disease. There is a Rheumy named Dr. Dreyfuss in the downtown area... but his office is too difficult for me to get to. He did rx Tramadol for me... but that's about it. He is like on the 8th floor of the Medical Dental Bldg. on Santa Clara Street.

    If you check the doctor referral page on this site you will find a doctor listed in the Los Gatos area... I've heard he is very good... just not sure yet if he takes the kind of insurance I have.

    Good luck with your search.

  3. Adl123

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    I don't know if I responded to you in the past, but I used to live in San Jose, and I went to Dr. R.O.Waiton. He is a Fibromyalgia person and also a rehab person. He is also a Nobel Prize winner in medicine. His office is on Almendra, in Los Gatos.

    It's easy to find. You go down Highway 9, and turn onto the main street in Los Gatos, go for a block or so, and turn right on Almendra. If I remember correctly, his office is about 50 feet from the corner, on the left. He is nice as are all in the office. He is very knowledgable about Fibro, as well as other things.

    Good luck,
    He's no spring chicken, so maybe he isn't practicing any more, but I heard from him just last year, and he was. T.[This Message was Edited on 11/30/2005]
  4. pamj

    pamj New Member

    If Palo Alto isn't too far for you, I saw a great holistic doctor there for my CFS. Her name is Christine Green, MD, and I actually found her on the good doc list here.

    It might be worth a call to see if they think they would be able to help you, or at least refer you to someone who could.

    take care,

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