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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by unbalanced, Nov 25, 2005.

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    After reading the responses to Docs & pain meds, I have been looking everywhere on the web for a doc referal site. I have come up with Zilch! I found a couple of sites but they have no info. for my city, I only found head docs listed, I need physical health care, not counseling. Although, I may need it after this frustrating search!! PLEASE, anyone out there that is from Grand Rapids,Mich. or close, do you know of any docs with Fibro experience, an open mind, & not afraid to try opiate pain meds? After 5 yrs, I'm still on the same meds I was given (after fighting for a year) Being on the same thing for 4 years, obviously it doesnt work as well, & I cannot get anyone to listen, I'm so sick & tired of being in constant pain!! Like I said in in my other post, I have done everything & then some to help myself, I do daily, yet I'm unable to find a doc that is worth my money, I want one that will actually work for his/her paycheck!!! I'm getting a bit angry, & I dont want to fall back into all that anger, I've come a long way & would like to continue to move forward! HELP PLEASE, web sites, doc lists, any info to help find the Fibro doc that will help.
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    Did you look on the "good doctor list" here on ProHealth's web site? May be a doctor listed who is located close enough to enable you to receive decent treatment.

    I agree with the FFC suggestion as well. You can put that on our search at the top and read all about them.


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