still no rheumatologist or pain meds (long, sorry)

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    Ive been reading a lot of posts tonight on here and see a lot of meds mentioned, most of which ive never heard of. Im in the UK by the way..
    When i saw my doctor on monday, he changed my antidepressants yet again as im having a really bad flare. (my first flare actually). Im now trying Citalopram (celexa)??
    He wont send me to a rheumatologist as he said they cant really do anything to help me, and that they dont know much about fibro. I dont know if he meant rheumatologists in general or in the UK! The only pain relief he will give me is diclofenac which i know is an anti-inflammatory, but ive read on here they do nothing for fibro! On top of those im to take just regular over the counter painkillers such as paracetamol. He said take exercise and try to swim to help the pain. He told me he had 5 other patients with fibro, so i assume hes familiar with it and different treatments.

    Do you think he is doing as much as he can. I dont want to doubt him as i really do like him, but im not sure. Thank you..

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    I'm in the UK also. I haven't seen a specialist yet either, though I'm convinced I have fms. My doctor said yes I probably do by way of eliminating any other explanation for the leg pains I have.

    He has given me naproxen for pain in my back though they don't help much. (similar to ibuprofen) and I get paracetamol and codeine for migraines, which help more with my back. I hate taking painkillers though, unless I'm desperate, eg when travelling or know I'll be sitting a lot eg cinema.

    Unless I could find a specialist who knew lots about fms I'm not sure I want to bother to see one, I'd be more interested in getting my thyroid and adrenal functions tested.

    If help with pain is what you mostly want, ask your doc if there's a pain clinic he can refer you to and see what they say.

    good luck
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    You should definatly get a new doc. You should not be told that you can't go to a specialist. It's your dollar, right? Besides, you know your body and your symptoms better than anyone else. He obviously does not understand FMS at all. And Rhumys do know about and treat FMS. Mabye you should start calling around to different General doctors and Rhumys and ask them if they treat FMS and how they treat it. That will save you all the anguish of going from doc to doc. I am in the middle of getting rid of my doc as well. He dosen't believe that my extreme pain is caused by FMS. Time to move on!! Good luck and keep us posted!!

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    When i was finally diagnosed last sept it was after 5 yrs of suffering and going to see a rheumatologist who kept telling me that he couldnt see anything on the xrays except oesteo and that itshouldnt give me as much pain as what it was.I continued to go to drs with these flares and finally he sent me up hospital one more time to see that horrible rheumey.Well anyway when i went up he had a day off and someone was standing in for him,(am i glad he was)he was brilliant understood everything i told him,asked questions that i needed answers to,did all the blood tests,xrays and had a good examination.When i went back for the results i saw the rheumy that i always saw and straight away diagnosed me with fibro,i truly believe that it was the other dr that had diagnosed that it was fibro but couldnt tell me because he would have gone over my rheumys head.To be honest the only thing that he put me on was Amytriptyline and pain killers called Kapake which are strong.The thing is i am still in pain but to be honest cant be bothered to go back to see him.Unless you get someone who really understands fibro i would say dont bother they are a waste of time.As you know from the chat my tailbone is killing but i've lost all faith in drs,maybe one day when i get so bad i cant walk i might try and find someone to help me.I think your Dr is doing as much as he can for you,cause i dont think they know that much about fibro.

    Enough of my ranting SHARON FROM CHAT
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    Sorry I have no advice for you but I just wanted to let you know you are not alone and I know where you're coming from. My doc gave me the same schpeel - no need for a rheumatologist since they do nothing he would'nt do for me. Like your doc, mine gave me anti inflammatory (Bextra) which anyone familiar with this DD knows FM is non inflammatory. BTW, my doc told me FM was a wastebasket diagnosis. The only reason I'm sticking around right now is because he is treating me for parasites and has referred me to an immunologist. If tests from immunology come back negative as I expect they will, I will be searching for another doc.

    My doc is great for ruling out diseases but if he does not believe in the SYNDROME there is no point scheduling appointments.

    Some people on this board have wonderful docs going the extra mile to help patients. I think it all boils down to doctors beliefs in FM/CFIDS and thier patients.

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