Still pregnant & having lots of bp probs, any info appreciated.

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    For about the last year & a half I have been showing symptoms of NMH & POTS. Unfortunately my doctors don't seem amazingly interested & are quite happy to write it off as Chronic Fatigue, & say that they'll look into it after the birth. I have tried everything, gone to all the docs in the district, taken info that I have printed out & all I get is "Well it could be that", we'll look into it after the birth".
    I am terrified as to how I am going to get through birthing this baby. I have been rushed to the A&E numerous times with 'heart attack' like symptoms. Only to be released & told that I am fine in a state that I am SOOOO dizzy I can barely stand & full blown tachycardia (anxiety they say) & heart palps :(
    I live rural & the hospital is very small. Only three doctors.
    I think that my body has tried to 'go into labour' three times now & immediately when it starts I get VERY dizzy, double vision (or one eye gets lazy), & have trouble breathing. I can be semi-okay laying down, but not getting up.
    Docs think everything is fine because my blood pressure is low & that I am just 'not breathing right' with the pain.
    I have tendancies to 'nearly pass out' & then feel wiped out for days, I have horrid pain in my neck, shoulders & tops of arms, If I am laying I am fine, if I am standing I am not. Sometimes sitting is okay. I am SOOOO spaced out I feel like I am on another planet, pain in the top of my left arm & jaw (told that this is caused by the extremely tight muscles in my neck.)
    My legs are constantly purple from all the pooling, unless I am laying down & I am constantly thirsty.
    Does anyone think that there is any chance I am going to get through this labour okay :(
    I am petrified of something going seriously wrong with my bp, pulse or breathing during labour.
    Also with my bp like this, I know a General Anaesthetic is out of the question. What about Spinal? I am seriously thinking about using this as pain relief the way things are. And I have had pethidine before, with no ill effects, but could it cause a problem now?
    I am SOOOOO confused.
    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    Gee, I wish I could help you, but I can't! I hope Madwolf sees your post, I know he will be able to offer some advice for you.

    I am so sorry you are having such a bad time. I will think good thoughts for you and say prayer for your over all health.

    YOu try to take care of yourself, and if necessary, make a post to Madwolf if he does not respond to this one.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    I am just about at my wits end with the docs. Because I look fine, they think that I am fine :(

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    I can't really give you medical advice, but I can tell you of my similar experience. When I became really ill with this, I was three months pregnant. I endured many of the same symptoms. I don't know how active you are, but I was bedridden for nine months. I think a couple of those sympyoms you mention (blood pooling in legs, for example) could be from lack of activity which gets the circulation going better when you have extra fluid in your body during pregnancy. And, judging from how I felt at the time, I'd say that you probably ARE having some symptoms of anxiety. The dizziness, trouble breathing, pain where you tense up--could all be anxiety. I couldn't even stand up most of the time, or I felt like you.
    The two omportant things I want to tell you:
    No doctor will EVER test you for other problems when you are pregnant. It's as if they are afraid to touch you. I went to many Dr's at this time and got the same answer as you from many different specialists. They especially won't do anything invasive, maybe for fear of being sued. (We live in an area full of medical facilities.) When this flared up again during my next pregnancy, a cardiologist wouldn't even give me a stress test!
    The other thing to tell you:
    YOU WILL BE FINE! I was petrified, didn't know how I'd survive labor. (One Dr even told me,"Well, you'll survive...") You know what? It was the easiest labor I'd ever had!! My problems didn't surface at labor. It's like you're given the ability when it's time, but not before. So please relax. You'll probably be just fine.
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    That is what I am hoping & praying for.

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    It sounds like the symptoms you are feeling are all part of anxiety. You have to expect some of this because your body's chemical and hormanal structure changes so much while you are creating new life. Trust in your body - it will serve you well and you will skate right through the delivery. I had an epidural and it was wonderful! Just take good care of yourself, eat well, (no processed foods), walk daily, get adequate rest and feed yourself spiritually.

    Marilyn :)
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    I am sitting here & I was thinking about the doc saying that I tense my shoulders really badly.
    I think that I don't most of the time, but just whilst being in front of the computer I have had to 'let them go' about 15 times!
    I have had some contractions this morning, so I have been getting stuck into the water to keep hydrated.
    Thanks again, your words really helped. I have been through this 3 times before & I should have more faith in my body. I've just never been this bad leading up to a delivery before.

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    Hi Lease

    I am brand new to this website and I joined because I am 4 months pregnant. I have had "CFIDS" for 10 months but have not recieved an official diagnosis. I was rushed to the hospital 4 times in the months this first started with all the same symptoms as you except for the blood pooling. Forunately I work at that hospital and I was believed, but with no real objective signs I was released over and over.

    Touch wood I have had no real probs in pregancy so far except for low bp. (I lie on the couch a lot and I know this sounds bad but a mocha helps me feel a lot less dizzy. Being a physiotherapist, I do know that it can help up your bp temporarily.)

    What I did in June - Sept on the many days where I felt I was having a heart attck or a stroke on an almost daily basis was acupuncture 2-3x/week. Find a good one in your area. Don't ask your Dr about it - most likely will just say no. I know that most conditions are not contraindicated to treat during pregnancy.. It helped a lot with the "sensation" of anxiety. I would never describe myself as anxious or prone to worrying so I would not describe my problems as anxiety related either. I am currently on homeopathic remedies (very very low doses) and have an excellent homeopathic Dr who is an MD and and is well connected with my specialists.

    This is not to say that anyone knows what is going on with me. Most of my Dr's think this is the "miracle" that is going to cure me. HAAA. These are medical people?

    How far along are you?

  10. lease79

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    for your advice & support :)
    ~*Nina*~ I'm actually 40 weeks 6 days pg at the moment, so this baby has GOT to come out some time soon!

  11. ssMarilyn

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    Anxiety and panic can sure wreak havoc on our minds! I was saved by the deep breathing with my abdomen. I didn't realize I was breathing with my chest and I had one panic attack after another, all self-inflicted. My shoulder muscles were always in knots too. Now that I know how to breathe properly, I never have those attacks. I do still have a touch of anxiety on occasion, and I have to deal with that in my own little ways.... aromatherapy, feel-good movies or tv, listening to self-relaxation tapes, laying in bed bonding with my dogs, etc... Alot of this is in our own control and we can make things easier if we really try. You've been through this a few times before, so realize that your body is a fine-tuned life-giving machine and this birth should be easier than the previous ones. Trust in God and ask Him to be with you and take your fear away. I can guarantee He will be there for you. I had the epidural with natural birth and had no problems. It was amazing to say the least! I came out of delivery looking just as good as when I went in, makeup and hair in place!

    Marilyn :)
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    I went & saw my Bowen Therapist today & she did some work on me.
    Hopefully it will not only calm things down with my body, but it might get something going in the labour department too.
    I am having a little trouble breathing right now, so I am trying REALLY hard to breathe nice & deep ;)

  13. Madelyn

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    We know how hard it is to breathe really deeply with that "little" one pushing up against your diaphram!! I forgot to mention that I also had quite low bp too. You'll sail through it! Ask the Lord for help--He will see you through!
    Let us know the good news when you are up and around. It can't be long now!
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    ..all I can tell you is my own recent experience of childbirth. I have FM and I am 37 years old. I was dreading most things when I happily discovered I was pregnant,I didnt think I would be able to cope,and I worried constantly - because I am so full of pain - and symptoms like yours-dizziness,spaciness,back/neck pain etc..but I have to say I managed ok.
    My labour was long - I tried gas & air(no good!), I had pethidine,with no side effects, eventually I had an epidural, which was wonderful!!,and it was fine. My bp/breathing etc was totally fine throughout, and my son was fine - he is now 8 weeks old.
    I lost a lot of blood and I am only just starting to get back on my feet now, but my symptoms are coming back with full force, but I am trying to cope as best I can. I am currently taking cipralex, which havent kicked in yet,and an anti inflamatory.
    I hope all works out for you,all I can say to you is try and not worry too much, Im sure both yourself and your baby will be fine,and Im sure your breathing/bp etc will be fine also. Worry isnt good for yourself and your baby, so try and relax,and please let us know how you go.
    love arlene
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    I am glad to hear that things went well with you throughout your labour.
    I read up a bit tonight on hyperventilation & know that I do this alot. I really have to stop 'trying' to breathe & relax.
    I have used gas & peth in previus deliveries & think that I may use the peth again this time.
    I dont think labour is very far away, as I am very overdue now & this baby is down SOOOOOO low.
    I am really thankful that everyone has replied to me!

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    Lease, I just did a quick check on your bio and saw that you are from SA! I am from California but was just in SA last year. I lived in NSW in Coffs Harbour for six months but my boyfriend, an Aussie, drove me all over the continent to see everything. We went all along the Great Ocean Road, up to Adelaide, Burra, the Barossa and across to Broken Hill but also went up to Alice, Darwin etc. So I am so excited to email an Aussie shiela:) I am sorry to hear about all those problems and there's nothing like a heart problem to increase the anxiety you already have. I have been dealing with heart issues for several months now and finally went to a cardiologist who did a tilt table test. He was able to determine that I have a neurological problem that affects my bp. I get dizzy, lightheaded and near faint when I sit or stand for too long. So, if I am at a supermarket and have to stand in line for a couple of minutes I start to get panic attacks out of fear that I am going to collapse. My doctor has put me on beta blockers to try to stabilize my bp--they are usually used for people with high bp, but in this instance I have low bp and it still works. Also, if the medicine doesn't work well enough over the next few months we may have to consider a pacemaker to regulate my heart/bp. I am only 33 so I am not happy about that suggestion and am hoping it won't come to that. Finally, ask your doctor if it's ok to add more salt to your diet (if you have lower bp). It can be a simple way to regulate your bp without going to the doctor or taking medicines. My doc recommended I eat more salt and drink less water! I'm always up for new suggestions:)

    So I hope you are able to find a cardiologist somewhere in SA and good luck with the pregnancy. Although it sounds like this isn't an anxiety problem, meditation might help too. Let me know what happens.

  17. ssMarilyn

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    I know how difficult it is to breathe properly when you have a baby taking up so much space. Be sure to breathe with your stomach IF you can, NOT your chest. If you lay on your back in bed, it is almost impossible to hyperventilate, because you automatically breathe with your diaphram. Try it and let me know what happens. Also be sure to breathe in through your nose to a count of 7, filling your lungs completely, hold it for just a couple of seconds, then exhale through your mouth like you're trying to whistle. Exhale completely and do over 2-3 more times. This will level out the oxygen/carbon dioxide in your brain and you'll feel better. When you exhale, be sure your shoulders and arms go completely loose and relaxed. You'll feel much better!! Never take short, choppy breaths because that will guarantee you'll have a panic attack. You can control your breathing just by thinking and talking to yourself.

    Marilyn :)
  18. skychomper

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    I have no experience with being pregnant or POTS or NMH.
    Im writing because you mentioned that your BP was really low and I thought I could offer what helps me. mine fluctuated between normal and low. my lowest recorded BP had been 90/50

    having a little salty snack with water- like pretzels, or my favorite- cape cod potato chips with water really helps me. For whatever reason, it perks me up a bit, I read that salt and water also helps to keep your blood volume up. This also helps my mom who has mitral valve prolapse.

    Of course salty snacks might not do much for chronic low blood pressure, mine is infrequent, but thought this little tidbit might help you. In my opinion, its something easy and simple, that won't do any harm and might help you. Good luck
    and keep looking for someone who addresses your concerns

  19. ssMarilyn

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    My bp was at 85/50 once but my doctor said I was just fine and it was related to my inactivity. I got up, took a short walk, checked the bp again and it was back to 110/65. When just sitting around though, it's usually about 100/65.

    Marilyn :)
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    My lowest recorded BP was 80/40, but today it was 100/50, so not too bad.
    Hiriskrn - About lying on your back when you are pg. It seems to be a little contraversial.
    Alot of the pregnant Mothers on another board I frequent were worried about sleeping on their backs, but on consulting their OB's about it were told, that YES it does put some pressure on the Vena Carva (sp?) major vessel from the heart, but it will not do the baby any harm, it can just make Mum dizzy & make her heart work harder.
    I asked & got the same response ;)
    So most docs seem to say that if you can sleep on your back, then it's okay, but if it makes you uncomfortable, don't.
    The majority of the time I was in hospital yesterday getting monitored I was on my back, occasionally rolling to one side ;)