Still recovering from Gallbladder surgery

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    It has been a while since I have posted- due to being in the hospital for gallbladder removal on August 14th. I was recovering quite well and returned to work on August 25th. I worked 3 days and woke up on August 27th sicker than anything- nausea, pain, vomiting, diahrea- unable to keep anything down. i went to the doctor on August 28th and blood work was done and I was given something for the pain and nausea. The doctor had me in for surgery the very next day for an ERCP- I had 2 stones stuck in the common bile duct. The surgeon was unable to remove the stones(because they were too close to the panceas) but sliced the duct enough for the stones to come out naturally. I developed acute pancreatitis and spent 11 days in the hospital. I was released on September 9th and I am still suffering. It was the most exstrusiating pain I have ever been through.Morphine did nothing for the pain! I still have upper abdominal pain and stomache and back pain and no appetite what so ever. I lost 10 pounds and have no energy. Lately I have been having these horrenous headaches. i am still on pain meds. but they just seem to take the edge off. How much longer will I be suffering and is this common time span for pancreatitis recovery? Does having FM/CFS have any bearing on recovery? I am hoping to go back to work (short hours to start) on Tuesday. Am I rushing things? I am so impatient, I never imagined this to go on as long as it has. Any and all suggestions are appreciated. For pain. sleep, depression, and appetite. What are some foods, easy to go down that will help put the weight back on and cause the least amount of discomfort? I know I need to eat and sleep to get my health and stamina back- I am exhausted- the littlest things i try to do wear me out. And i am so bored-tired of T.V. Any Ideas?????????
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    Hi Debbie,

    From the sounds of it you went had a very rough time of it. If I were you I would take it slow and not be in such a rush to ger back to work. Try reading a book or even maybe a puzzle.

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    So sorry to hear of all you have been through.You need to take things very slow.Have you tried to drink ensure or sustical to put some weight on.If you can you will be getting the nutrition into you.Take care and don't push yourself if you are not ready. hang in there and feel better soon. Lana56
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    Hi.. the galbladder surgery AlONE is enough to try and get over !!!! Was it done lap or open???? They down play the lap but it takes time.... I was months getting back to normal and dint have to have the ERCP and I imagine that was nasty too.....I just had an endoscopic and dilation of esophagus 1 month ago also...YUKKKKK......
    Pancreatitis is nothing to fool around with.......
    I would say soft foods..........scrambled eggs..yogurt...puddings....soups.....and ensure to get nutrients. Remember your body is going to ahve to adjust w/out gallbladder not to mention the fact you are compromised due to fm and ??? also the pancreatitis....
    Take it EXTREMELY EASY .... I would say in 4 weeks you should feel pretty good.
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    I feel for you!! You cannot rush the recovery!!!it'll take more time than the average person without FM/CF. Don't believe anything but a slow healing. And you will feel much better soon. I've had a few abdominal sugerys.3 laps(and even those take 2 weeks for me)and 1 open appendectomy,emergency.That one was horrible as for the pain after and when I got home!! I thnk I was told to allow 2 weeks to feel back to normal???but it took double that!! Wishing you well~ take care of yourself. I think returning to work tuesday is too soon from the sounds of it~ If your allowed more time...I'd use it. :)
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