still scared abpuit having this surgery

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    AS much as I know I need it I just want to not call the hospital and ask what time is my surgery. I am so frightened about hoaving it and it is dumb as I have had so many different surgerises and still I am scared of being put out and being out of control. I am don't like surgeries becassue I am the one patient who will ae problmes that no one thinks of. if something can go wrong it wil with me. IT always happens. and that is something that scaresme babdly and I don't want to have this done but snicne I stil have a pain in my right side but it is mild but it still hurts .

    So I knowwww that i have no choice but to have this surgery. IT matters not that I am a woss and a baby and don'twant to dhave it done to me. I am so frightenened about it. I should be used to it but no not me.

    How can a woman who is 49 be so scared of a srugery that most likey have out paitent surgery and i am so scared that i am in tears crying ike a baby. I know that it must be done so it will be . but iI keep getting phone calls fromthe doctors who tell me " YOu must have this surgery the doctor has said that you fcan't wait or postpne it and then I get hit with ""BUT YOU MUST PAY $400.00 your 20% of your bill after your insurance or you can't have the surgery
    gut the Docotr has said and has told his empolyees that I have to have it so they get teh call from billing tellingme in oreder for me to have surgery i must pay my 20% of this bill before surgery how dumb is that. I am in pain and i have to paiay for it before I cna'haveit. how dumb. but that is the medical professiona billing offices.

    I am so worried that I will have more pain and complacations after the surgery and it scars me to death but i will get over it . PLease pray for me andhelp me get through with this surgery. and help[ me to have the corrage to havee it and to do well with the pain and I will be able to have the needed pain meds when I am in need of them PLease pray that all will go well for me andi love you all so much. YOur all wonderfull friends that I am proed to have you as my friends you are my girfts and my rock and I know withyour prayers and concern I will be fine. Thanks for everything that you do for me.

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    Try to sit quietly and instead of telling yourself that something will go wrong, tell yourself that all will be fine. The messages we send to ourselves make a huge difference in how we tolerate surgery. Try to look forward to having it over and recovering. I know this isn't easy, but if you do this, it will make a difference in your level of anxiety and how well you recover.

    Best of luck to you and know you are in our prayers. Please update us when you can.

    Love, Mikie