Still seeking additional information on Bromelain!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Ibby, Aug 27, 2003.

  1. Ibby

    Ibby New Member

    Hello again from a newbie!

    I am sincerely hoping to get some further information, perhaps from Sujay or Madwolf regarding a previous post of bromelain during pregnancy.

    My need for this information has escalated. I had my first blood clot (or fibrin deposit) this weekend. It did resolve on its own with simple treatment, but it scared me to death! If any of you remember, I am pregnant expecting my 9th child.

    I did read the responses suggesting I check with my OB regarding this issue. However, she told me today at my regular checkup that she has never heard of bromelain. She looked in her herbal and supplement bible and it was not listed. I printed out information from David Berg's web site regarding hypercoagulation and its treatment. She was not overly interested in the theory.

    I have checked with several supplement companies who sell Bromelain, hoping to get an answer there. They are unwilling to recommend any supplement to a pregnant woman. I was able to reach my former doctor's office (who has since moved to another state). His nurse told me he thought bromelain would be fine during pregnancy. However, considering the importance of the situation, I would feel much more at ease if I could get some corroboration on this.
    I do realize the gravity of the situation making a recommendation or endorsement of this kind, but to me, this feels like a dire situation. I would be most grateful for some help.

  2. coping1961

    coping1961 New Member

    i don't have the answer but i hope someone will. good luck! karen
  3. cureforpain

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    I'm pretty sure bromelain is a digestive enzyme extracted from pineapple? It's hard to see how that could hurt you or your unborn child. I, too, am interested in the answer to this one...

    One possible problem to do with any supplements is that they are not as tightly regulated, if at all, by the FDA as drugs and there have been a few cases of substances being found in supplements that were not supposed to be in them. It is advisable to stick with a reputable brand, but there's still a leap of faith you have to take when you swallow the pill...

  4. Ibby

    Ibby New Member

    Dear Karen, Bek, and Erica,

    Thanks for the replies/bumps. Erica, in the reading I have done, I have found reference to bromelain being an abortifaceant (causing miscarriage) if the bromelain is made from green pineapple stems instead of ripe pineapple stem. This is why I am so worried about taking it. I truly believe in the hypercoagulation theory and am confident I will feel much better with some treatment...I am just wondering if I can feel better now, or if I have to wait until baby comes in early February.

  5. lovenmyliltoad

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    is it from pineapple? If it may cause problems. I was in preterm labor with my 6 month old and they told me NO fresh pineapple. Just be careful.
  6. kgg

    kgg New Member

    Unless your OB tells you too. It's just not the time, IMHO, to mess with the body. Too much of what you do affects the baby. Be careful please. -Karen
  7. Ibby

    Ibby New Member

    Dear Jelly and Patrice,

    I agree with you wholeheartedly! I did ask my OB yesterday if she would read the information I printed out and consider the heparin therapy. Her response was that because this first clot resolved so quickly, she felt the heparin was too drastic a measure. She wants to wait to see if I have another clot, see how quickly that one will resolve, and then who knows what?

    She insinuated that I was getting myself overly worked up over this...she patted the printout, then patted me and said, "Perhaps you are doing too much reading. Let's not get too excited."

    I would love to start the heparin therapy! I know in my heart it is what I need. I don't know where to go next to find a doctor who will prescribe it, though.

    Thank you for taking the time to reply. I certainly do appreciate it.

  8. Mikie

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    This is nothing to mess around with. Your doc is being very patronizing and cavalier about this whole thing. Wait for another blood clot? I can't believe she said that. Not to panic you, but blood clost can be potentially fatal. You need to find a good doc who can and will help you with this.

    Love, Mikie
  9. keeponsmiling

    keeponsmiling New Member

    This is NOT something your doctor should be taking lightly! As an RN, I know that even a history of one clot predisposes you to future problems with clots. And pregnancy is a time of lots of change within your body and with your circulatory system.

    I would get a second opinion.

    All the best,

  10. sujay

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    Just wanted to chime in with my two cents. Jelly and PKR are right about taking this seriously. Eight successful pregnancies in the past are certainly encouraging, but each one of those wonderful children is precious, and you don't want to take unnnecessary chances. I don't know enough about your particular situation to make any specific suggestions, but you do need to be assured that your doctor is taking your concerns seriously. Good luck!

  11. lovereading

    lovereading New Member

    I don't know where you live, but my (former) doc will prescribe Heparin. (Warren Ross, MD, 410-997-5191 in Maryland)

    I tried Heparin and it did NOT work for me. But, he had warned me beforehand that it does not work for everyone -- that it works immediately only for about 1/3, then for another 1/3 it works after some time. The remaining 1/3 (includes me) it doesnot work for at all.

    Good luck!

  12. lovereading

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    What DOES this mean? I've seen it so often!