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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Mikie, Jul 23, 2003.

  1. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I'm still sick with this damned sinusitis. The Flonase isn't working like it used to for sinus infections and I have discontinued it. I think it was making me feel sicker.

    I got out my colloidal silver and snorted some up my nose and, Viola! my sinuses immediately felt better and opened up more than when using the Flonase.

    I only have one more day left on the E-Mycin and think I will stop taking it now too. Something I have been using is blocking the Guai even though I can't find any ingredients which contain sals in either of the medications. My pain has been returning because the Guai is blocked. Also, the fatigue has been horrible.

    This all started with the Red Tide, then a mold problem, and now this. It's like I just can't get better and it's one thing after another. The mold count is high down here right now, but that's never bothered me in the past. It may be bothering me now, though, because I am so run down. I stay inside with the A/C on all day and night, so the outside mold should not be a problem.

    I was doing soooooo well that this is very difficult for me. I just hope that I can scrape and crawl myself back to feeling decent.

    Love, Mikie
  2. tansy

    tansy New Member

    These DDs can be so unpredictable and make us so vulnerable to being affected by other things. just hope it settles and turns around again soon.

    Healing loving hugs from across the big pond.

  3. j9miller

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    I am in Florida too and have been hanging on to this sinus thing for going on a month. I took amoxicillan and it cleared a bit of the problem but not all (this med is never strong enough for me), I use Nasonex and it only clears a little. The dr gave me a decongestant but I did not notice much of a difference with that either. WOW! I wonder what is going on. We did have the AC unit cleaned and it was a mess. Hopefully that will make a difference. Hope you feel better. I am leaving for Houston on Monday and really need to feel better. I hate to travel when I feel this bad. Take care.

  4. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Janine, I hope you have a good trip. There was just an item on how lightening storms aggravate asthma, but I didn't hear what exactly it is in the storms which is the culprit. Perhaps the ozone.

    I have never been like this in the six years I have lived here. It is frustrating.

    Tansy, thanks for the good wishes.

    Love, Mikie
  5. epicurean

    epicurean New Member

    sounds like you having a terrible time.Hope things turn around for you soon.Take-care!!
  6. Hippen

    Hippen New Member

    I am so sorry that you are still sick. I became allergic to penicillin years ago...yes weird i know. I was then given E-myacin because it is similiar to penicillin but does not give me an allergic reaction. It worked wonders and I asked for it all the time when I had an infection. Well , one time i started to take E-myacin and it seemed to help at first then i started to feel even infection was starting to fight back. I had become immune to E-myacin from taking it so often. E-myacin no longer worked for me. The doctor agreed and called in a Z-pack for me. This is a pill that can be taken once a day for 5 days. Azithromiacin I think is the med name - it cleared me right up!!!! Biaxin is another medicine that has worked for me in the past for sinus issues. I hope you feel better soon...I know that it is very difficult to function on top of everything else we have to deal with. Sending some healing hugs your way. Love Hippen
  7. crissyfamily

    crissyfamily New Member

    saline nasal wash that you put in the little pot and pour up your worked....after several weeks...washed out bacteria.

    get better

    take care
  8. judywhit

    judywhit New Member

    I have had the ac running for days and i have also noticed a stuffy nose, sore throat and general ichy feeling. wonder if the a/c has anything to do with the sinus problems. anyhow get well soon.
  9. Jen F

    Jen F New Member

    your sister in scraping and crawling,

    jen F
  10. suz41

    suz41 New Member

    Hi Mikie:

    Sorry to hear that you are still feeling so bad, sounds like your doing your best to get better and I can understand your frustration. Sending positve warm thoughts your wya for a speedy all to needed recovery
    Soft Hugs,
  11. LeLeHpr

    LeLeHpr New Member

    My prayers are with you for your health to return, keep us posted.
  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I have done the saline solution thing for years. I think it was just a matter of reacting badly to the Red Tide, then the mold, and then some bacteria had a chance to take hold in my sinuses. I am finding the colloidal silver to be working better than anything now. I stopped the E-Mycin a day early.

    I did have the A/C serviced and cleaned and the service tech told me the coils were not very dirty and that the filter was fine too. I think it's time to turn on all my electrostatic air filters in every room. I've kinda gotten away from using them.

    I think I'm finally starting to feel better and really appreciate all your prayers, good wishes, and thoughtful helping hints. Take care, everyone.

    Love, Mikie