Still SO EXHAUSTED!!! Help meeeee....

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by hermitlady, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    I'm in one of those phases where all I want to do is sleep. I barely have the energy to go downstairs to get something to eat.

    I'm under a huge amt of stress due to some major construction work being done on our house...adding on and it's a mess. Also major chaos w my daughter and her horrible behavior/mental health issues. She threatened to kill me last wkend, she's really scaring me.

    Every inch of me aches and it feels nearly impossible to get out of bed and make myself do anything. And of course my depression is bad too, I've been over at the depr board a lot lately.

    My dr gave me 36mg Concerta a couple of wks ago, but it doesn't really help. I even tried taking 2 and it helped keep me up and moving, but made me quite irritable and anxious. I usually take Provigil, but ran out and had to order some more. It sucks having to take drugs to keep me awake.

    I am so desperate to feel better. I ordered some of the FRS Healthy Energy that I heard about here. I'll be anxiously awaiting it's arrival. I swear, I'd try just about anything at this point.

    Any other suggestions from my tired friends here?

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  2. vannafeelbettr

    vannafeelbettr New Member

    Unfortunately, the amount of stress you are under from construction and goings on with your daughter is surely wreaking havoc on your concious and subconcious mind causing a huge impact on your body. Also, not having your Provigil, your body is probably screaming for that, too.

    The best advice I could give you, is to flat out say 'no' to any extra work in your day and forgive yourself for not being able to keep up. Hopefully, this bout will pass with time.

    What you have to deal with regarding your daughter is heartbreaking. I have a sister with FM whose children are grown now, but resent her for being the way she is. She had those same threats from her daughters as well (when they were teenagers). There is no way in the world they can fully understand how difficult life TRULY is for you.

    Good luck and God bless. You'll be in my thoughts!

    P.S. Treat yourself to a cup of tea and a cookie. What the heck!
  3. kmaaskamp

    kmaaskamp New Member

    Tired, Tired is my most used word in the English dictionary, Feeling tired all of the time is something I have grown use too. My advice would be to seek some therapy, sometimes just talking life out helps. and then maybe some light swimming. Good luck let me know if you ever become untired
  4. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    I've gone thru lots of therapy, never really made a huge difference.

    We have a pool, but I have to turn the heater on for a few hrs before I can get in. If I go in when the water is below 88, it just makes me hurt so badly.
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  5. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    I absolutely hate this feeling. I barely have the energy to go up and down the stairs in my house. I feel so drained and weak, I guess it's just the same old thing...CFS, FM, which make my depression worse too.

    Do you people think it's better to just rest and sleep when I'm like this? Or should I try to push myself more? I just get feeling weak and faint, so I can't really do much of anything without taking frequent breaks. I feel so worthless.

    My husband hasn't been very supportive the past few days. I know he gets tired of my illnesses and I don't blame him. I feel so guilty that I don't feel well enough to do much around the house.

    Our house is literally torn open right now (we're adding on), there is dust and filth everywhere. The only place that's not in an upheaval is my bdrm, so I just like to hide away up here. I can't deal with the mess downstairs, it freaks me out and I'm disgusted and overwhelmed. I am not a happy camper right now.

    If anyone has anything to help boost me up, I'm waiting to hear from you. Unless, that is, you're just as tired as I am and don't feel like replying.

    I dread's just been a blur of constant fatigue lately. Sometimes I just wish I'd just go to sleep and stay there, if you know what I mean. This is no way to live.:(
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  6. jenn_c

    jenn_c New Member

    can be very debilitating. When I feel that exhausted, I just sleep when I can. However, my beautiful dad passed away in June. The grief was so overwhelming. The fatigue from depression and grief is a little different for me. I would mentally hide from my hubby and kids, curled up on the couch. I would stay there for 2 days, and the pain would increase from lack of movement. Then I would get mad at myself which the anger would give the umph to get up.

    I am not suggesting for you to be angry with yourself. My therapist always said " don't you deserve to grieve?" This dd is awful and if you did not have depression before it then you sure as heck have it after. Try to be kind and patient with yourself. The more you get upset, the more depressed, the more tired you get. Vicious circle. If you are not seeing a therapist, maybe it would help if you do.

    Good luck,
  7. kallsup

    kallsup New Member

    Don't eat after 6 pm. (drink water or herb tea, no calories added) take thiamin (vitamin b1) 100 mg three times a day.

    Reduce carbs especially sugar and refined flour and be sure to eat enough protein.

    Make sure there are no electronic devices near where you sleep, especially digital clocks or the electric meter to the house.

    use no caffeine

    take a hot bath each evening

    read my other posts

    You can get better. I felt this bad and I recovered completely.

    I will pray for your recovery

  8. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    Sorry to hear that you lost your dad in June. I also lost my dad this past Jan. He was 89 and had a long, good life. He had had strokes over the last 10 yrs and didn't have much of a life for the last yr.

    I was relieved and happy for him to escape his broken old body. I had a delayed grief over him actually, it was weird. I was just trying to be strong for my 83 yr old mother who is now living alone after 65yrs of marriage. Just thinking of that everyday depresses me, I worry about her a lot. She's not ready to move closer to any of us girls (4 girls, I'm youngest)....hopefully someday.

    Anyway, I know what you mean w the vicious cirlcle of thoughts. My therapist called that "RuminatingThoughts" and I was told to mentally say STOP any time I caught myself thinking negatively or whatever...I am not good at sticking with that for very long, My memory is almost non-existent.


    Thanks for the info. I'm very interested in reading about your protocol that you discovered. Seems like it would be best if these researchers for FM actually had it themselves! Then maybe they'd realize how badly we need better treatment protocols. It sounds great that you've done this for yourself, I'll read your posts tomorrow morning. Thanks again.


    Hi, how've you been? I am taking D3 2-3000mg, but no adrenal support.

    I had tried a very expensive adrenal supplement for a two months, didn't notice any change (and couldn't afford $300 a month for it!)
    What type do you use or suggest? I know I should try another kind and take it for a longer stretch.

    I read an article in a mag at my Ortho Drs office and I thought of you. It was about how D3 helps chronic pain sufferers and depressives. I wish I could remember details of it to tell you, but my memory seems to have left my brain!

  9. JoFMS

    JoFMS New Member

    Hi Hermitlady,

    It sounds like you have adrenal fatigue - I have just had a saliva stress index test done and I am in stage 5 adrenal fatigue.

    I am on the following for adrenal support amongst my other supplements:
    Low dose cortisol (prescription from doc)
    pregnenolone 30mg twice a day
    B5 500mg twice a day
    Biotin 2000mcg twice a day
    B6 50mg twice a day
    Vitamin C 1g twice a day
    Magnesium min 400mg
    Zinc 50mg

    If your adrenals are weak (which it sounds like they must be) then it's really important to treat them. Do you have a thermometer? If you do, try taking your temps at 9am, 12 and 3pm and then add them together and divide by 3 to get the average temp for that day. Keep a note of your average temps. This will help you to see if the adrenal support is helping. It really is worth it as our bodies cant cope with stress otherwise and can be serious and it sounds like you have a lot of stress.

    If you don't do anythign else - at least take your temps and get on some of the adrenal supplements - they will be needed long term to support you.

    If your temps are unstable (not consistent daily) then it shows adrenal fatigue and you will need to support them. See Dr Rind's temperature graph.

    I hope this helps. I don't know what you have tried already.

  10. jenn_c

    jenn_c New Member

    Thanks for your condolences. My dad was only just a week shy of 58. It is incredibly hard to say stop and be mindful of your surroundings. Sometimes the sadness just completely takes over you, leaving you to feel like your sufficating.

    Sorry, I am sure this is not of any help. Anyways, I end up forcing myself to keep fighting. I hope you do too.

  11. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    Thanks for your informative reply. I have some adrenal support supplements from Prohealth that I've started taking again. I'm terrible at sticking w taking supplements.

    I had shoulder surgery 6 wks ago and I don't think I've been able to spring back since then. I was in an FM flare when I went in for surgery, so it really wiped me out. Mentally and physically I am so weak, I wish I had your attitude about fighting these dds...I admire that in you.

    I read you profile and am quite impressed! Another animal lover, that's great. I've rescued several feral cats in the last yr and ended up keeping them all. One had a litter of 6 beautiful kittens a wk after we caught her, we of course ended up keeping 2 of them, they're 12 wks old and my constant companions.

    Loved your picture, you look sooo young. Check out mine and you'll see one of my kitten babies.
  12. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    Hermitlady - in 1995 my house flooded and needed major repairs. I thought I was handling it okay, but about 4 days later I realized I was bone weary. Finally figured out my adrenals were very stressed.

    It sounds like your adrenals are wiped out. My chiropractor gave me Drenatrophin PMG by Standard Process, an adrenal glandular product. It works very well. I initially had to take about 3 times the recommended dose because my adrenals were so weak, but within a few days of starting it my energy started to come back.

    Another good product is Cytozyme AD by Biotic.

    Also, a good B vitamin complex and extra pantothenic acid are very important. Pantothenic acid is crucial for adrenal health.

    I remember telling my chiro that I felt weak as a kitten. All I could do was sit outside and read, had no more physical energy. And he did his muscle testing and there was my answer.

    I hope you get some adrenal support. It can help soooo much.

  13. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    I know I'm stressed out beyond belief right now w all the construction and mess going on here. Adding on to our house was my dh's idea, I really had no desire to do it. So here I am with my house torn apart and zero energy to help do anything. Weak as a kitten (newborn that is).

    I was just lying here thinking to myself, "how can I feel so sick and not have a terminal illness like cancer or some other deadly disease?" I am feeling very hopeless right now.

    I'm wondering if regular Drs believe in adrenal fatigue. I have my monthly appt w my primary doc next week and will mention it to him. I have no idea what he'll have to say about it. Maybe I need to shop for a chiro on my insurance that treats patients like this. None of the chiros I've ever been to have done anything w muscle testing and supplements.

    How would I find out how much and what I should be taking? I have Prohealth Adrenal Support that I started taking again this morning.

    Just getting showered and driving to the dr is almost unthinkable right now. I just feel like the old limp noodle and I'm very depressed on top of it all.

    Thanks for your reply. Did you ever get your house back in order after it flooded? I'm just feeling like our house will never be "back to normal", I can't see an end in sight and it's so overwhelming. Maybe someday I won't feel like I have to hide in my room to avoid all the chaos downstairs!

    xxxooo hermit
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  14. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    I have no idea what regular doctors think about adrenal fatigue. I had had problems with fatigue before the flood, and my regular doc gave me Prozac (!), I'm not sure why. He said sometimes it helped people with energy. I took it for a few days and hated it. It made me wired but I was still very tired, like taking caffeine when you're tired. Also, I didn't feel like myself on it so I stopped it. Adrenal fatigue never occurred to him, and I knew nothing about it myself at the time.

    I was just very lucky to stumble across my chiropractor. He was very good at muscle testing, and also determined my dose by muscle testing. Many people think this is a crock, but he was the only one to help me when the regular docs could do nothing, and he never hurt me.

    There is something called an adrenal stress index test, a saliva test which measures cortisol and some other things. Your doctor could order that if he wanted.

    To find a chiro who does muscle testing, just call them up and ask. Generally it doesn't cost too much and it was so worth it to me. My chiro wasn't covered by my insurance but he helped me so much it was worth it.

    I looked up ProHealth's adrenal energy product, but it is not an adrenal glandular product, and that is what helped me the most.

    I can't really tell you what to take, but suggest you talk to your doctor, and also, if I were you, because I had such good results with it, I'd find a chiropractor who does muscle testing. Not all are equally good, but there are good ones out there. A good one can help find out what's going on, if it is your adrenals or something else, and most likely can determine what you need. Mine did.

    Our house did get put back together after about 6 months. They had to rip out all the carpets and redo the kitchen floor and replace drywall and redo the walls up to 4 feet. Luckily we had flood insurance or it would ahve been a disaster for us.

    Take care - your house won't be a disaster forever, although it probably feels like it. I hope you get some helps son --

  15. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    Thanks again for more info. I read your profile and see you live in So Ca, so do I. We're in Riverside County, in a rural area. It used to be mostly orange groves and horses, but the houses built over the last 15 yrs have wiped out most of the orange groves unfortunately.

    I will start chiro shopping when I have a day where I can think a little clearer. I'll let you know if I have any luck.

    You sound like you sure know a lot about all the "magic" supplements, I can tell you've done lots of research. I appreciate your advice...I am so tired of being tired...sound familiar? I must think that a hundred times a day.

    Well, off to bed for me. Take care, Hermit
  16. JoFMS

    JoFMS New Member

    Hi Hermit,

    I agree with the others - you will def need to get a saliva stress index test - Dignostech do the test. Apparently you are entitled to these tests despite what your doctor says. Push him and say you have spoken to others with the same symptoms who have been greatly helped.

    My doctor only prescribed the cortisol for me after I showed him the tests and recommendations.

    You will need to do a bit of research first too. Check out this site: (all about adrenal fatigue and has recommnedations for supplements)

    Please keep us posted and if you are able to get the tests and I wish you all the luck. Remember you are entitled to them! When I went in to my doctor he asked how I felt and I said the same terrible and just told him what I wanted to do. Docs don't know much about our conditions and even my doc said "as a doctor theres not much I can do to help but I'm not arguing with you as I can see you're desperate and it can only help"

    Another link to check is which has adrenal and thyroid help.

    Don't give up there are things that can be done to help us - we don't have to live like this - it just takes a whole lot of research and time getting there but if we feel more comfortable and less stressed then it adds to a whole new quality of life.
  17. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    HI again,
    I have an appt next wk w my Dr and will take as much info w me as I can find regarding Adrenal Fatigue. He is actually pretty open minded and has told me to spend time researching on the internet to see what works for others. So we'll see.

    Thx again...Hermit
  18. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    Oh yes, that sounds like a wonderful getaway. Actually this wk things have calmed down, no workers here since Sunday. The house is still a disaster, but at least it's quiet.

    I am getting ready to go out and relax in our pool in a few minutes. But I'll keep the hotel idea handy, I may still have to do that when the drywallers start working!
  19. hensue

    hensue New Member

    Just let me know about the energy drinks. I am not as bad as you seem to be. i would like to start cleaning my house one day. I know you are going to think i am terrible. The more i stay in bed the more i hurt. I know how hard it is just to get up and move. I keep thinking to have energy you have to use energy. I have improved some what. I am like you now i could use some swamp water that would not make me crash.
    Hang in there we are going to get something going here!
    Let me know about the gnc drinks
  20. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    Why on earth would I think you are terrible for not cleaning your house??? I don't do much of anything some days (lately most days) and I have a cleaning lady come about every 2 wks. It's kind of getting expensive cuz she just had to raise her rates, but I'll keep her as long as I can. Even once a month would help.

    I received the FRS Energy Drinks today, haven't tried them yet. I got orange, one regular, one sugar-free. I'll let you know how they are. I've been eating the orange chews 2x a day since Sunday and I think there might be a slight glimmer of improvement w my fatigue. I've been so sick, it may take a while to climb up out of this pit.

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