still spring..

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    i have not been here in a very long time..been so busy.. sick off and on but go non stop as well when im not sick.. had some bad flares hit...that take me down for months..

    but i enjoy the beauty of the spring..and the animals..

    more deer this year. they visit me in the grotto..where i also tend my other animals. cats, and have some raccoons that visit.. and even rabbits..

    beautiful in the mountain area..with the night sky.

    nature and the animals are my meditation..

    wish that humans were as true ..but that is not to be.. so many just a mess this nation...filled with selfishness.. i spend my time rescuing the animals and talking to the crows.

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    Hi Jasmine - welcome back. My DH and I have moved to a new place so everything this spring was a surprise.

    Across the street a very large unknown bush turned out to be purple lilacs. It is about 10' high and 20'across, spreading in front of what looks like a house from New Orleans. Very dramatic. I love lilacs. It was fun from our second and third floors to watch forsythia, then pink azaleas appear as all the trees filled in. Trying to guess what they were.

    I love sitting in our kitchen watching the wind move in a huge maple tree, with a Japanese Maple behind it. The interplay of colors, and light and shade at different times of the day is so beautiful and serene. I always feel calmed and at home with trees nearby.

    What kind of animals are you rescuing?

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    Wow, have things changed here! I had to do another name, but I think it's familiar enough..this is Cynthia..remember me? This site looks so nice. Will have to go through and see what all there is and can be done.
    I have been going through the strangest thing, not fun at all. Very Dizzy, off balance, can't drive around much. I finally got the answer to my problem, from an ENT. I have less fluid in my left ear. That will do a lot. Your brain compensates with the eyes. I wondered why my eyes felt bad too.
    Anyway, how is everyone? I see a couple of you that I remember. Lydia is back on here. jasmin. spring here? wind? I have thought of you all often. I pray that things are better for you than not. :) Now, wonder how I get a photo on here? hmmmm? Looks like fun.
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    Doz! I could never forget you! So very glad you found your way here. Left you a long message on the other thread here that you posted on. Your message there left me in tears - good tears of feeling understood and cared for!!!

    Is your Dr. going to be able to do anything for the ear that has less fluid?

    I am so hoping that you will be able to come back here more often. Absolutely love it when you drop in.

    Much love,