still suffering from constipation

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  1. sarahfemme

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    When I first started taking Neurontin for pain and migraines, I also started suffering from constipation, nver before a problem with Neurontin for me..don't know why it happened this time. Per my NP's directions, I tried mineral oil-didn't work. I'm now on Lactulose for the past two weeks. It also isn't working. I'm bloated and look lke I'm about 5 months pregnant, have a lot of gas, and now have an odd body odor. Ive tried increasing the fiber in my diet, am drinking lots of water, and even though I have to use my cane , do walk every day in addition to the exercise I get at work. Suggestons anyone? I'm getting desperate.

  2. healing

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    Sarah, you could do a search on this site (use box at the top of the page) for constipation and you'll find a lot of suggestions. Magnesium works for me. I am relatively sensitive to it, so 120 mg keeps me regular. Others take much more. Just get some magnesium capsules and start with one, work up from there. The additional benefit is that most FMers are short on magnesium and this gives you extra. Hope it works for you!
  3. lucky

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    I am sure that a good daily dosage (I take 2 tbsp.) of whole or ground flaxseed will make you regular. You can buy them in health food stores, they cost little, and are good for a lot of other of our symptoms as well.
    Good luck, sincerely, Lucky
  4. Shirl

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    I can relate to that problem, what a misery. For your problem, get some 'Natural Calm' by Natural Vitality. It is Magnesium Citrate.

    It is a powdered form of magnesium and you mix it with hot water. One teaspoon should have your bowels moving in about 12 hours. If not, then try two teaspoons.

    By the way, when you put the powder in the hot water, it fizzes like an Alka Seltzer, it also taste like it too.

    When you get yourself regulated, start taking ZMA, I take two capsules at night for sleep, pain, and it also keeps my bowels regular. That you can get here at Pro Health.

    Good luck, and the Natural Calm is sold at most up scale health food stores. GNC does not carry it.

    Shalom, Shirl
  5. MemoryLane

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    I am so sorry. Do you have some Epsom Salts? There should be directions on the box for laxative use. If not you can dissolve from 1.5 teaspoons to 4 teaspoons in an 8 ounce glass of water. If you can drink it all at once, you should get results in as little as 30 minutes, but it could be as long as 6-8 hours. It is Magnesium Stearate.

    I hope this helps - Good Luck,


    <center>When the going gets tough,
    the Tough get an enema!

  6. ssMarilyn

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    Take selenium.....nature's anti-depressant. I hear some complain they get diahrrea from it, but it never bothers me.
    (glycerin suppository also works wonders!)

    Marilyn :)
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  7. palmtree

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    I suffered from chronic constipation for 10 years before I was given a new IBS drug called Zelnorm. It is for constipation and it has worked miracles for me! So far it has only been effective for women who have constipation. Hope this helps!
  8. Stillkicking

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    Instead of taking laxatives, take a digestive enzyme with every meal. If you were digesting your food properly it would be soft instead of hard and there wouldn't be gas. Also, avoid white bread and crackers.
    Take care.
  9. Dara

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    There is something that has worked for me in an emergency situation. By this, I mean it's not something you would use every day as a maintenance plan but it sure works fast and relieves the suffering almost immediately, at least for me it does. My doctor told me to use a Dulcolax Suppository, not to be confused with Dulcolax laxative pills. The suppositories worked great, I had instant relief. I have also used the glycerine suppositories, they also work most of the time, but when nothing else works, not even the dreaded enema, the dulcolax suppository has always helped me. I hope you've found something that has worked for you by now, nothing worse than that bloated feeling like you're gonna bust... good luck.

  10. starstella

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    almost every med i am on has constipation as a side effect and i am still looking for something to get me regular. i already take plenty of magnesium, the groud flax seeds don't do anything for me. i think a key thing is to try to have more than 20 grams of fiber daily from your food...not as easy as it sounds. and of course drink plenty of water.

    the "light sided" suggestion about greasy food makes me think of nuritional oils. i've just started taking barleans high ligan flax seed oil twice a day. i know its good for the fibro and hopefully it will be good for the bowels also.
    i think barleans oils are the best. the liquid form tastes fine straight off the spoon which beats taking all those huge capsules of flax oil.

    when i get that going to explode feeling i use herbal "colon cleansing" capsules that i get from the health food store, followed by a cup of senna tea from the health foood store also. sometimes it works just right, other times the results are a little intense, but its better than the bloated feeling.

    the ducolax suppository sounds like something to try also for a fast result.

    hope you find something that will help you. this board is always good for getting lots of suggestions.
  11. chknmama

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    I am on Neurontin also and suffer from constipation.I have tried almost everything,and without"going"for almost 2 weeks I finally broke down and took Exlax.I know it sounds harsh ,but it did the job.And I feel 100% better today.
    Good luck to you
  12. blondieangel

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    that (w/o getting too graphic) a bm would be "there", but unable to about agony!!!!!!

    FINALLY after complaining to my PCP and trying EVERY OTC remedy (didn't work) my pain specialist prescribed Miralax!!! What a godsend!!!!! It's tastless, mixes w/ any drink, not gritty. I just put a capful in coffee in the am. Basically our med's deplete the water needed to move the bowels, so fiber does not help...makes it worse! You need something to keep the bm soft by absorbing liquid.

    Boy, I tell ya, I never knew what constipation was until that horrendous experience!!!

    Get your doc to prescribe Miralax!
    Best wishes!
  13. baby-bear

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    What I use to take was Perdium with Senna. Its granules that you find in the grocery store. They have 2 kinds of Perdium. A brown bottle and a yellow bottle. The brown is only phsyllum husks fiber and the yellow is that with senna. The yellow bottle worked wonders for me as I can't take ANY fiber. Fiber makes me worse!! Then when I came down with all this FMS stuff the Perdium made my colon hurt. So I switched to Milk of Magnesia. Its a god send to me. But anything with Senna is the trick I recommend. Hope you get to feel better. Love and Hugs Pammy
  14. mamafurr

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    sarah, i just went through the same thing 2 days ago and then 2 mos ago before that!!! went to the pharmacist and spend 15$ this last time as i was desperate. aaarrrgggg. so popped ducolax pills, and used a glycerin suppository. i sooooooo feel for you. it is a horrible thing and praise you for opening this for discussion.

    the pharm said this is caused by my methadone. so i have to take a stool softener daily as a preventative. also, drink that fiber magnesium stuff. pity the pills work for one thing then we have to suffer more side effects. as if the fm isn't enough.
    drink lots o water.
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  15. Shirl

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    You can put all our suggestions in a hat, and close your eyes and pull one out!

    I don't think I have ever saw so many different answers to the same question in over two years around here!

    Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Shalom, Shirl
  16. goingslowlycrazy

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    I HATE this, it is one of my worst symptoms that comes and goes...I had a really bad bout last week, so bad that it even stopped me peeing....sorry, was that TOO much information? LOL

    I find that any meds with codeine in it are poison for me - my partner takes them ALL the time for his back pain and never has a problem!

    If the pain is bad enough that I have to take anything strong, I always take a square of Exlax (choccy stuff) with the tablets and that seems to avoid problems - I also have to be careful to drink plenty too...

    Hope you are on the move by now!!!! (dontcha just love this board? Nothing is taboo here - and thank the Lord for that!!!)

    sympathetic hugs
    Mary xx
  17. Plantscaper

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    I noticed on another posting of yours that you like tea..Well, this has been the most effective herbal remedy for me in relation to constipation...I mix it with a good favored herbal tea (as it does not have a good taste) and it is effective, on those days you need an answer in about 3-4 hours..Also, senna has been effective for me, too..
    What I like about this is that it moves everything thru from stomach to you know...not like enemas..

    Hope all moves well,
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  18. Annie06

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    I am back on "Neurontin" taking it because of chronic back pain..... I take "Magnesium Oxide" with it.... It is a white powder and you mix it with water, believe me it works!!!! You should be able to get it anywhere, I would think.... Sure hope this helps.... Being constipated is no fun, I have been there many, many times with these darn meds. Good luck! and hugs to you!

  19. fairydust39

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    Hi Sarah,
    Go to Wal-Mart and get the Equate Brand Psyllium
    and it's real cheap. That is the best thing to take because not only does it give you a BM but it is very good for you. Most people have candida and that helps move it out.I also take Three Lac. That help with candidiasis also.
    Drink lots of water after psyllium. Mix it with 6 ozs. of juice and drink before it get thick.Laxatives is not healthy but if you need a quick fix take one of your choice.
  20. Dukate

    Dukate New Member

    Hi, I have a couple suggestions that help me, I eat two to three apples every day, am allergic to citrus fruit, my doc recommended Senokot but that didn't do much for me, I get help from stool softener, use Walmart brand Equate. My chiropractor just recommended a cereal called Kashi, found in cereal asile in grocery store. Just started eating that and it seems to help. I am allergic to milk and dairy products so just eat it out of the box. Try to find what foods don't agree with you and add to your problem so you can stop eating them. I have lots of those. Good luck it is a struggle. I really think its the meds that make the problem worse for some of us. Irene