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    A few weeks ago I asked if anyone else deals with the internal vibrating/shaking thing. Mine started over 2 year ago and I have to deal with it everyday. It feels like I am hooked up to a vibrating bed. In the beginning I couldn't deal with it and got very depressed and anxious but now I try really hard to ignore it as well as try some natural things to help. It got sparked by anxiety years ago but after Lexapro and restructuring my life- pschologically feel better but still vibrating. I take Magnesium- 1000mgs a day and tried more vitamin b-12-liquid form. I think too much b-12 (liquid was 1000cm?) It made me more shaky. Quite frankly only thing that really helps is a good ol benzo drug. I don't think I have really found a doctor that understands this or just thinks I have an anxiety disorder. I would accept having the above disorder if that were the case but I know it isn't. Sometimes I think our depression and anxiety isn't all from the condition but from the medical community and THEIR REACTION to the symptoms we complain about. -still looking for a good doctor. "Anyone know someone in the cleveland ohio area?" thanks-
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    i postd earlier but i dont know what happened to it. i shake inside also i think it is do to muscles spasticity problem. you might benifit from stretching and trigger point therapy with a tennis ball. it mad me worse at the begining but i seem to be doing a little better. im also worse on the left side it seems to be coming from around my shoulder blade area but my whole body shakes when im bad. let me know if you think it is a muscle pressing on the nerve this is what i think my problem is. charlene
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    My belief is that we can take this to doctors with a demostration. Mine: I twiched and twitched to give him an explain what was going on.

    He seem to understand then:

    He gave me Klonopin for night.

    I have a med for the with the night. Hd told him and he put me with

    That's seems
    to help.

    Yes, we doctor shop, sad to say.


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