Still waiting for a diagnosis!

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    I am still waiting for a diagnosis! My symptons started at the age of 19, I am now 34.I believe it was the Depression that I first started struggling with at 19, and then slowly throughout the years more and more symptons have appeared.After I had my first child in 1999 is when my body started to shutdown on me, to the point of not being able to work anymore, and only being able to focus on my daily tasks. As time went on I couldn't even do the daily tasks.

    In the past 2 years I have gone through all the tests some of them twice, seen all the different specialists, and have had so many blood test. The process of elimation. We keep elimating things yet, we have not found and answer yet.

    Some of my symptons are:
    Numb and Tingliness
    Pain that is throbbing, burning, stabbing, achy, stiff
    Nerve Pain
    Migraines and Constant Headaches
    Extreme Fatigue
    Blurred Vision/Foggy Vision
    All my joints hurt
    All my muscles hurt/muscle spasms
    Knees and ankles give out
    Can't move my shoulders at times
    Nautious & Dizziness
    Depression/Anxiety/OCD Tendancies
    Back Pain
    Vitamin B12 Defiency
    Slurred Speech
    coordination problems
    Bladder problems
    sinus problems
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    Wow! Pretty long list, but I understand. Some of your symptoms sound like fibromyalgia. But the slurred speech loss of feeling and poor coordination, etc sound serious. Have you been checked to see if you may have suffered a mini stroke? What about MS, Miniere's and Parkinson's. Please don't let me scare you. These are things that come to mind.
    I really hope you get answers soon. I would like an update, if you don't mind. I'll keep you in my thoughts.~Stacey
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    when a person suffers lots of unexplained symptoms in several different body systems then the diagnosis of somatisation disorder has to be considered