Still waiting for sleep too

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Kea, Jan 2, 2003.

  1. Kea

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    I was on Ambiem for a month or so and I started sleep walking. Spooky. I am now on Elavil. I still wake up several times a night but do manage to get back to sleep some times. Doc. said one of the side effects was stoping stomach spasing. Hasn't done that as of yet.
    I had gallbladder surgery about six years ago. But my fibro didn't start till I broke by back in 2000.
  2. JP

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    I really struggle with sleep. I can fall asleep, but not stay asleep. I am on Elavil too, for insomnia and nerve pain. My doc wants to take me from 25 mgs to 100mgs a night! I would do most anything for a night or two of good sleep and I really fight these medications.

    Somehow I still believe that my body should be able to manage simple things like sleep. My doc and I meet this afternoon to discuss my pain condition and sleep. My doc has been so great with me and I think I am pretty close to seeing a neurologist for my back pain control.

    How is your back pain? If you have back pain, is it keeping you awake?

    Wishing you a restful nights sleep...Jan
  3. Kea

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    Aloha Jan, I go to see my neurologist on the nineth. I am going to have some more test.
    My neck hurts, my hips hurt, my elbows hurt, my ankles hurt,and my hands hurt. But I thank God that My hair doesn't hurt or my fingernails. And that is no joke. I don't know what wakes me up pain or what?????
    The thing I don't like about the Elavil is the side effect of weight gain.
  4. LisaMay

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    I took Elavil for a while, but the morning grogginess was awful for me. I tried Trazadone; it didn't help any. I took Ambien for about one month and it worked up to a certain point and then, wham, it stopped. It didn't cause morning grog-fog. Now I take Flexeril with my other nighttime meds and it has been great for the last 3 months, knock on wood.

    I've seen in different posts something called ZMA (I think) that seems to help a lot of folks. Search some old posts. I've also heard that Valerian is helpful; it is an herb.

    Hope you can catch some ZZZZ's soon. Lisa
  5. Shirl

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    I take ZMA (zinc, magnesium and vitamin B-6) for deep sleep.

    I had not slept through a night in all my adult life untill I started taking this supplement. YOu can go to the 'Store' link at the top of this page and read about it, order, or just ask for a free catalog and newletter.

    This is what I take, you can run it by your doctor if you like;

    6pm 0.25 milligrams of Xanax (I only take Xanax in the evening for 'racing brain', which will keep me hyped up all night).

    10pm 2 capsules of ZMA, no one really knows why this helps with deep sleep, but it does. I now sleep from 7-8 hours, if I wake up for a bathroom run, I go right back to sleep now. It also has been beneficial with the pain of Fibro.

    Right before bed; 3 milligrams of Melatonin, this helps me fall asleep within a half hour, and the ZMA keeps me in a deep sleep.(Melatonin can also be bought at Pro Health too).

    Crazy, but this is the first time in a life time of being up all night long! I have taken half a drugstore of sleeping meds, and none helped for very long.

    Your sleepwalking is dangerous. Glad to hear you changed that med!

    Be sure to ask your doctor about the ZMA and Melatonin if you decide to try it.

    Hope you get some sleep soon, I feel 80% better since I am now getting a goodnights sleep.

    Also you can get a 'wireless mattress heating pad', wonderful for the pain and stiffness caused from these illnesses. They are sold at Penny's Sear's, and some people have found them in Wal-Mart.

    Shalom, Shirl