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    I just read your post to Dorothy, in which you mentioned you do not do the "med thing"...

    Me question is, what do you do, and does it work for you????

    Right now I am trying my own little experiment with sleep...

    I am wearing soft ear plugs and eye coverings...I know it sounds dorky...but now that I am getting used to wearing these things, it is actually helping!!!!

    (I'm doing this based on what a doctor told me, and what I've read from "web research")

    And since I've had a couple of good deep sleeps, I've also had a couple of better days...

    It's early yet...but I'm wondering!?!?!?!?!?!


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    LOL..I never think anything sounds dorky if it works! I think sleep is a real big factor. I am a believer in naps. I put an egg carton cushion on our bed and put a down pad on top of really improved my sleep. I can only tell you how I have dug myself out of this major hole in the last two and a half years..ready? I do not claim these will work for everyone..but it does me.

    Juice Plus..I do not sell it..its an MLM..and I do not care! It has helped me alot. The first thing I noticed was my foot pain subsided and is now a thing of the past. Helps me go potty and when my appetite is not what it should be..I do believe it is keeping me nourished. It also is improving my ph levels.

    Natrols B 100 levels.
    Natrols Ester C..
    Vitamin E..400 to 800 units a day
    Garlic..mine has cayenne and alfalfa in it also. I am a big believer in the garlic!
    Colostrum Plus..
    Digestive Enzymes

    I am hit and miss and/or alternate the following..
    Willards Water
    Grapeseed Extract
    Olive leaf extract

    I drink lots of water..when I slack off on it..I feel worse. When something hurts..if at all possible, I move it! For at least six months of the year I hand milk three keeps me moving even when I am in the flare from hell. This is a motivational thing with can use anything. And when I am having one of those couch days..I go to the bathroom and on the way back I make myself do something..pick something up .. sweep at least one floor..put something get the idea. I channel as much pain as I can..I PRAY, PRAY and PRAY some more. I take warm baths for pain..I do reflexology on myself to help relieve or alleviate symptoms.

    Laura..this is not an easy way to get on top of this stuff..I admit that. But I have had it so long..I thought, geez..if I start taking meds in my 30s and 40s..what will be left if I live to be 60 or better? Besides, I do not want side effects or liver damage to cope with too.

    I have to tell ya that I am blessed to be married to a man that comes home and knows..just knows how I have been feeling that day. He cautions me now that I am having good not overdue and put myself back. He is Gods gift to me. I also do not have children to take care of. And somedays..I have to tell ya that I have broken down and cried from the pain or fatigue..I can count on one hand how many times I have allowed myself that luxury.

    You will experiment, like I did, you will find things that help and you will waste your money on others. Thats life. You will at some time experience (I hope not though) a flare that will throw you on your back and you will wonder what the heck is going on. But Laura..I know you will get through this..cause I am going to too!!

    If there is anything can do..yell. Oh, I do take a med..are ya ready? I take Valium..I break a 5mg in half when I get a bad panic attack or when I get a bad muscle releases it for me. I maybe have to resort to a half a pill every two to three I do not believe I am in too much danger of being an addict.

    You take care girl..and if you ask me, I think a good deep sleep helps me more than any supp or med ever could. You are definitely on the right track in my opinion.

    The best of luck to you....Sherry
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    A vitagirl..LOL

    Seriously..thanks for your answer! You must have incredible discipline...I forget to take my "one a day"!!!

    I live on a farm..and well..the animals cannot feed themselves...the stalls and coops cannot clean themselves...

    I grow and can/freeze my own veggies...and my own meat (hubby takes care of the meat..I won't go there!! LOL)

    So that keeps me moving come rain or shine! Mostly rain where I live!!!! LOL And my biggest problem is I lately feel as if I'm doing these chores with a ton of bricks on my back...I used to be such a bundle of energy!

    I was just looking into the "B" vitamins, since they are supposed to be good for energy & stress...

    My only prob is I live in a teeny, tiny town of about three hundred...the closest place to a really good health food or natropathy type store is 2.5 hours away...needless to say I don't get there very often....:)

    I did buy a book from "Prevention" magazine (haven't got it yet) on eating remedies...I'm curious to see what's in there?! It's supposed to list vitamins too...

    And I know that we definately need a new bed..LOL Even my hubby complains that ours is "breaking his bones" and making him old before his time!!!!!! The egg crates aren't even helping any more...LOL

    I think I'd like to try one of those "memory foam" mattresses, but I have a feeling when I find out the cost, I'll cry....:)

    It's interesting you drink goat's milk...My brother does too...He has terrible allergies, but since he switched to goat's milk, his allergies have subsided quite a bit!

    Anyhow, thanks again...I'm printing out your list for a better study...LOL

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    I do the garden thing too..I have to admit the last two years it was hard..but worth it anyhow. I am hoping it will be a bit easier this year.

    Doing those chores..theres no days off!!<G> And everybody sure raises heck here at meal time.

    I do take a lot of vities..LOL!! I am strongly thinking of taking a really good multi and then have the extra C or whatever..just so I can cut down on the shear volume!

    Have a good one..hey..I am in S.E. Iowa..are you anywhere near Iowa?
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    Yup...a Farmgirl!

    My dad always laughs...he wants to know what happened to his "beach bunny"!!! (I used to live in So. Cal. for a few years)

    I live in Northern Washington...way up on the tip of the Olympic the heart of the rain forrest...Sometimes I think I'm molding...:) But that's okay, I truly do love my lifestyle....I once was a city girl who said "you'll never catch me in the country! HA! look at me now!!!!

    You'd think with this "healthy" lifestyle we live, we wouldn't get weird things like "autoimune" diseases...but then again, prior to this I came from a very abusive relationship that for some ungodly reason I stayed in for 16 years...and I have read that these things can be triggered by extreme stress...

    Oh well...I'm going to check out some of your suggestions...and combined with my "sensory deprivation" sleep study...hehehe, maybe I can get some of my old (young?) self back...:) I do know I was pain free today!!!! (of course it's only 2:00) and I'm not bone-tired yet...(that's the biggest miracle!)

    But you're right...I still haven't cleaned house yet...and there is dinner to cook!!!

    Sorry for this really long post...I'm feeling a little euphoric...or course it's sunny here for the first time in a long while...that could have something to do with it too!