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    Thank you for responding to my post - How long have you had the throat sensation? Does it come and go so that you sing sometimes (I could sing last month!) or is this the end of the line? I am quite alarmed...
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    I get that feeling when I sing. I also get it occasionally when I am not singing. It releases .. so I do suspect it is a muscle spasm. I have never tried to use muscle relaxers for it. You are more of a professional than I would be. And over the last five years..I guess I have come to terms with it the best I can. I can still sing..very loudly.. on the inside!!<G>

    If you are trying to still perform, I would definitely see a doc and see if he can give you some relief..even if its just temporary. Maybe even go to an eye,ear, nose and throat specialist. If I were in your shoes, I think that is what I would do.

    Wishing you the best..hope this helps a wee bit. Oh, the P.S. here would also be that I am a heavy smoker and you are not..I am sure that does not help me!...blessings..Sherry