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  1. faithinlove

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    I need to know if anyone experiences a kind of stinging pain in your extremities, sometimes with the pain so bad you have to walk very slowly or not all because of this. The stinging with me goes along with the burning achy pain we all have.
    Thanks to all, keeping the "Faith" for a better day.:0)
  2. butterflydream

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    I can't say i have had the stinging pain, mine is a deep burning pain.
    I do walk slow due to the burning pain in my feet that never leaves.

  3. ulala

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    stinging pain in the extremeties is a common symptom of Lyme, or one of the co-infections also know as Tick Borne DIseases (TBD). You can find a lot more info on or on this board under Lyme Disease.

    I have the crazy stinging pain. It feels like a bee is stinging me on my legs but there's no bee. Best wishes!
  4. faithinlove

    faithinlove New Member

    The docs tell me I do not have lyme disease. I have been tested and it comes back negative. The sensation I feel is like a deep stinging in my legs,feet and arms. It is accompanied with that burning achy pain I think most of us on here have to live with the best we can. There is not a day goes by I do not think of others just like you simply because this board helps me cope because I know I am not alone on the journey.
    keeping the "Faith" for better days.
    bless you all
  5. Pansygirl

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    I have the burning pain. Sorry you are feeling this new kind of pain.

    Right now I have the burning ,aching pain in my legs , arms, feet and shoulders!

    I hope you feel better.

    Take care, Susan
  6. 3gs

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    I also have the stinging pain along with burning.

    did you know you can still have Lyme with a negative test? You have to have the test out of Calif. Read Nanie46's posts.

    A good book to read is Encounters with the Invisible by dorothy wall

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  7. landra

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    For the last several days, I have had stinging pain that feels like I rolled in stickers. It is mostly legs and arms but now it seems to be traveling all over my body - under on breast, spots on my back, side of one hand, side of one foot.

    Is this what you'all are feeling? this is new for me.

    What the heck do you do????
  8. zena01

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    I had that for about 8 was more of a being bitten than stung. Mainly my legs. I'd think i was getting bitten and slap but there was nothing there, nothing flying around, it was just a sensation. About drove me nuts! I also have a patch on my right leg upper thigh that stings and burns. It comes and goes mostly comes......pants rubbing on it hurts. Like it itches kind of, yet when i touch it it stings/burns. just about 5x5 square.

    I know you answered you were tested for lyme but did you get to see your test results? My own test, which was positive, I was told by my regular doctor that I didn't have it, yet I was Igenex positive/CDC negative. I had enough bands positive to believe in my later diagnosis by a llmd. Also, I tested positive for Babesia another tickborn disease at the same time and my doctor never even mentioned that. I am so glad that he sent me the tests because I compared them line by line to an explanation of how to read a western blot and I had enough positive double starred bands that were lyme specific along with the Babesia to seek out a lyme literate medical doctor.

    I have been in treatment since 2/08, and am happy to say that while I am still very sick, I am finally a little better. I now have hope! The babesia treatment got rid of the daily up and down all day fevers, and although there is no change in my mental issues or fatigue, the muscle pain is better -- just the joint and bone pain (which my doctor also said I didn't have saying that it just felt like that but it was my muscles) Well, it really was my joints and bones that hurt along with the muscles cause I didn't just have the fibromyalgia he said I had.

    Please see if you can get a copy of your lyme test that you had done. If it was an ELISA, that test is only 40 percent accurate. If it was a western blot testing all bands, find on line a description of what the bands mean......even a negative western blot with the right bands positive (lyme specific) could mean you could get better with a lyme doctors care. If you cannot get a copy of your test the way things are with regular doctors knowing nothing about lyme, I'd get re-tested with a western blot from a company that tests all bands, and get hold of the results to read yourself.....and if you are unsure, post it on the lyme board there are people there that can help.

    It is definitely worth looking in to -- I am so glad that I did!
    Good Luck
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